Sensorium Galaxy launches its virtual reality rave performance space powered by artificial intelligence

Sensorium Galaxy has announced the long-awaited launch of its VR platform focused on live music performances by DJs and interaction with AI avatars in a virtual reality space powered by PRISM!

PRISM is the first metaverse virtual reality world released by the metaverse known as Sensorium Galaxy, and it’s a performance club space that you can visit, just like a nightclub. It will host virtual music events with live and recorded performances.

Inside PRISM, visitors can experience the 24/7 galactic Sensorium party where they can see Sensorium’s groundbreaking AI avatars.

Sensorium includes features that allow users to interact with other real-world people in VR via voice chat, providing an immersive experience not previously possible on their platform.

“The future will be exciting, interactive, generative and finally free from real or imagined limitations. Sensorium paves the way for users to live out alternative life scenarios in virtual worlds,” Sensorium described the virtual reality world they created, powered by artificial intelligence.

Sensorium Galaxy paves the way for an exciting, interactive, generative and limitless future in VR.

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Sensorium Galaxy is currently available on Steam, where you can access the Metaverse Public Playtest, as well as the Sensorium Galaxy mobile app. Full cross-platform access, including a desktop version, will be available in the near future.

We are witnessing the launch of the world’s first 24-hour nightclub/rave/party. Always online, always live, with a combination of real people and artificial intelligence avatars to interact and celebrate.

This is the launch of the first global 24/7 nightclub/rave/party with a combination of real people and artificial intelligence avatars to interact with and party with.

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Check out some of the names they originally introduce: Carl Cox, David Guetta and Black Coffee, all of whom were digitally captured while performing live to inhabit their DJ avatars.

One of the confirmed goals for shows in PRISM is the collaboration with Yann Pissenem, founder of Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Other names to follow in the future: Charlotte DeWitte, Eric Prydz, Nina Kraviz, Armin van Buuren and more. No matter what genre of electronic music you’re into, you’ll find a performance you’ll want to check out.

This add-on might be my favorite part at this stage of launch: one of the AI-controlled avatars is a lifelike Salvador Dali avatar. Salvador damn Dali (!) who is not only my favorite surrealist but also one of my favorite artists.

Sensoriuam’s Metaverse doctrine was formulated by Sensorium’s publicist and AI-controlled avatar Yonaka.

It’s a massive multi-level electronic music club with people dancing on big floating decks, and the Meteor Vortex has already launched in streaming video format. Everything is presented as if it’s happening in the Meteor Vortex performance space, and it serves as the current backdrop for the entire environment.

There is also newly added Sensorium Party Episode II: Volcano.

Now for the tech: It’s powered by Unreal Engine 5 and advanced VR and AI technologies. Sensorium Galaxy is home to multiple virtual worlds, each dedicated to different types of entertainment and filled with curated content. It is the first AAA-inhabited metaverse with a community of AI-powered avatars populating its virtual worlds, making social AI a core technology to power next-generation networking, relationship building, and content creation for users and artists alike.

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Sensorium also has Starship (another Sensorium venue) and their website description says it best: “Starship was designed as a transfer to Sensorium Galaxy. Virtual and real DJs, dancers, exclusive performances, incredible interiors, friendly conversations with real users and NPCs – maximum socialization and tons of entertainment. You can have a private booth and build, customize and dress up your virtual alter ego there.”