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Serhad Doken’s father was a colonel in the special forces and the intense work discipline, strategic planning, lack of selfishness, dedication and determination he has acquired throughout his career happened to have influenced his son’s approach to working in of technology impacted and shaped.

“I like to lead boldly from the front, with careful risk management, adaptability, resilience, a sense of urgency and knowledge of my people. I always pay attention to her. These leadership qualities are ingrained in me. I look up to top athletes because they have pretty much the same or similar qualities and are a source of great inspiration for me as well,” said Doken.

It was an intense experience for Serhad Doken in his first year as Chief Technology Officer at Adeia as he sets out the short, mid and long term technology, vision strategy and roadmap for the IP business that will be formally divested from the holding company Xeperi in autumn 2022.

“I went through the process of aligning with the business unit by first formulating the roadmap internally. The next challenge was to build a diverse and experienced R&D team. And I’ve been fortunate to make significant progress in both of these activities in a very short amount of time.

With several R&D projects defined on which teams – loaded with PhDs, patents and professional CVs from renowned firms – are currently actively working in Adeia’s laboratories, the task is to regularly check the quality and quantity of the results of these projects and operational efficiency to guarantee.

“And we will pivot as needed based on changing market conditions and the updated technology roadmap. We also have a lot of fun during our brainstorming sessions. We’ve focused on technologies related to augmented reality and virtual reality – both horizontally and vertically – to make the metaverse a reality,” adds Doken.

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Adeia works with top researchers and engineers around the world, including countries like Korea, Taiwan, Finland and Sweden.

Reasons for being Adeia

“The challenge of inventing better methods and techniques to solve the toughest challenges in the industry – both current and future – excites me,” said Doken.

Sometimes identifying the problem or unmet need is just as difficult as solving it, he continues: “Isolating noise from signals – which is the right project to focus on – is a challenge that I enjoy power. I expect that the solutions we develop will not only have an impact on the consumer media industry, but also in the long term on other industries such as automotive, robotics or any other business industry that will use media. Video and Automation”.

Another driving force for Doken is its license to help others, with a particular affinity for helping children with special needs.

“In fact, some of my college friends in the medical field are working to discover drugs and therapies to help such children. I support their calls by supporting these community organizations and engaging in community activities as much as possible to help such children on the professional front,” says Doken.

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