Servier is boosting its digital transformation with Google Cloud!

Dienst is driving its digital transformation with Google Cloud!

The strategic partnership between Dienst and Google Cloud marks a new phase in the group’s digital transformation. It focuses on the use of data and artificial intelligence and aims to increase the ability to innovate to meet the needs of patients.

Through this five-year partnership, GoogleServ will provide cloud-based storage and innovative tools that deliver high performance computing (HPC) and harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate data analysis and understanding.

For Virginie Dominguez, Executive Vice President Digital, Data and Information Systems at Dienst: “Combining scientific innovation with the power of technology will enable significant advances in patient engagement overall. Data and artificial intelligence open up enormous prospects for drug discovery, disease prevention and improved therapy adherence throughout the pharmaceutical value chain. We were looking for a strategic partner to support us with these technologies. We selected Google Cloud for their knowledge of the healthcare sector, their innovative strength and their commitment to cloud services that are GDPR* compliant and strict digital sovereignty requirements.”

By reaching out to Google and its partner community, Dienst plans to help shape innovative initiatives. These could include Accelerate new drug development with AI or perform advanced analysis of real-world data to provide new scientific evidence on the effectiveness of drugs and the tolerability of treatment.

To strengthen its competencies in digital technologies, Dienst has also developed acculturation programs and professional development courses that are available to all employees worldwide. Google Cloud offers training on data technologies and AI in conjunction with these programs and encourages teams to transition to a data-driven culture.

What does “cloud” mean?

“Cloud” means both the servers accessible via the Internet and the software and databases running on those servers. Cloud-based servers are housed in data centers around the world. The cloud frees users from having to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own devices/devices.

In 2021, companies spent $191.7 billion on cloud infrastructure (Source: ZDnet).

Accelerating therapeutic innovation and meeting patient needs

In terms of research and development, Google Cloud will facilitate the work of Dienst researchers, who use increasingly sophisticated algorithms to accelerate the discovery and delivery of new therapeutic solutions. These algorithms, trained on immense amounts of data, generate models that help accelerate the identification of molecules of interest and therapeutic targets to increase the likelihood of success during clinical phases.

“Innovation is a race, and the expanded computing capabilities of Google Cloud will allow us to accelerate research to meet patient needs.” added Virginie.

Google Cloud technologies will also helpServe streamline its drug production and distribution chain. This is key to strengthening continuity of supply to avoid inventory shortages, a key concern for patients who need to receive their treatments on time.

Google’s expanded data analytics capabilities will also help better understand patient needs and better support their entire care journey, addressing the challenges of early disease detection and therapy adherence.

Guarantee performance and secure data

Dienst processes strategic research data as well as highly sensitive health data. The group needed a reliable partner to secure data and comply with European regulations. By choosing Google as a strategic partner for its data management, Dienst benefits from cloud infrastructure performance guarantees tailored for the healthcare sector and compliance with GDPR* requirements.

Anthony Cirot, Managing Director at Google Cloud France, said “Our extensive and ambitious collaboration withServ embodies our approach to our clients: supporting the innovation and growth of French organizations with relevant skills and solutions, including local support and a commitment to working closely with the teams, all with the highest levels of security and confidentiality .”

Armed with more agile ways of working and expanded data processing capabilities, Dienst is taking another step in its digital transformation. By teaming up with a leading technology partner, the group is demonstrating its will to do so Position yourself at the forefront of the innovation race and create therapeutic added value for patients even faster.

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*General Data Protection Regulation (European Union)