Shahnawaz Amir’s mother is asking for release from the case

Shahnawaz Amir (L) and Sarah Inam (R).  Photo: Twitter/File
Shahnawaz Amir (L) and Sarah Inam (R). Photo: Twitter/File
  • The lawyer claims that the prosecution’s case is not against Sameena Shah.
  • The attorney says his client was added because of the plaintiff’s insistence.
  • Sameena’s involvement was not mentioned in the police report, the attorney tells the court.

ISLAMABAD: Shahnawaz Amir’s mother Sameena Shah has appealed to the court to be dismissed from the case registered against her and her son Murder of Sarah Inam.

Shah had appeared before hearing judge Ata Rabbani, along with her attorney, for the motion she had filed before the indictment to be released from the murder case.

Her lawyer, Nasir Asghar, told the court the police wrote in their challan that his client had been found at the scene but did not mention her involvement.

“If the prosecution’s case is not against her, then she should be dismissed from the case,” Asghar told the court. He added that the court must give its final opinion after looking at the challan.

Shah’s lawyer also told the court that when police arrived at the scene, she turned her son over to law enforcement.

“The only reason given is that the plaintiff insists [on adding her name]’ said the lawyer. He added that otherwise there was nothing against his client.

At that point, the court adjourned the hearing after plaintiff’s attorney was unable to reach the court.

Sameena Shah arrested

In October, Islamabad police arrested Sameena after a court case fire her request for bail.

Shehzad Town Police Station personnel arrested the accused outside the courtroom after she appeared before the judge with her lawyer.

Sameena’s son, the main accused Shahnawaz Amir, is said to have killed his wife Sarah Inam at home on September 23 after a dispute over a family issue.

Shahnawaz – who was arrested by police at a farmhouse in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad area on suspicion in his wife’s murder – confessed to committing the crime and said he “believed” his spouse was having an affair with someone else. The couple was married for just three months.

Police registered a First Information Report (FIR) on Station House Officer (SHO) Nawazish Ali Khan’s complaint under Section 302 (Penalty for Murder) of Pakistan’s Penal Code (PPC).

FIR mentioned that the suspect’s mother, Sameena, called police on Friday (September 23) to inform them that her son Shahnawaz had killed his wife with a dumbbell.

According to the FIR, Sameena told police her son was in the house hiding his wife’s body. The police then searched the house.

In the complaint, police said Shahnawaz locked himself in his room and when staff entered, bloodstains were seen on his hands and clothing.

When police reached Shahnawaz, he confessed to repeatedly hitting his wife with a dumbbell during an argument and later hiding the Canadian citizen’s body in the bathtub, according to FIR.

The “murder weapon”, the FIR quoted Shahnawaz as saying, was hidden under his bed.