Sherine Abdel Wahab’s brother says took her to hospital because she abused drugs

Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab’s lawyer, Yasser Kantoush, acknowledged that a medical report from Abdel Wahab confirmed that she had to remain in hospital for treatment, while her brother confirmed that she was a drug abuser, prompting him to take her to the hospital bring.

Kantoush said in televised statements that hospital specialists said she needed a month for treatment, but she had the right to leave the hospital to receive treatment where she wished.

Kantoush added that some of her friends have offered to send her outside of Egypt for treatment.

In the past few hours, Abdel Wahab’s name has gone viral on social media, with many fans of the artist searching for the latest news about her after news broke that she was beaten by her brother and forced to be hospitalized against her will to become .

Meanwhile, her brother, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, claimed that she was being stalked by a gang as her ex-husband, singer Hossam Habib, was working to destroy her.

“My sister is being followed by a gang. A mobile spy app was installed on her phone and one of her companions brought her a ‘Sheikha’ costing thousands of pounds,” Abdel Wahab said in TV statements.

“I will not leave my sister unless she is with her audience and family again. You must stand by us. This man is using nepotism and threatening us,” he added.

The brother continued: “Yasser Kantoush filed a lawsuit against me just yesterday, while I took my sister to a hospital three days ago. Where is the legal syndicate to ask him why he filed such a lawsuit? That’s a gang.”

Abdel Wahab’s brother stressed that he did not attack her as was rumored, adding: “My sister is now being pursued by the gang of Hossam Habib and Sarah al-Tabakh. My sister is lost and falling apart. I didn’t hit her or attack her.”

About a week ago, Habib returned to Sherine a car that she had bought with her money and registered to Habib under his own name without Sherine’s consent, according to a lawsuit Sherine filed against Habib.

Habib returned the car on condition that Sherine retract the allegations she had made against him, her brother said.

Habib, on the other hand, has not retracted the allegations he made against Sherine, he added.

“He has not retracted the allegations. You cheated on her. and [both Habib and Sherine] were back together and they chatted on Whatsapp. She continued to live in the apartment she rented in the Fifth Settlement,” the brother added.

He claimed that both Sherine and Habib abused drugs in that apartment, where he escorted Sherine to the hospital for treatment.

Shock and confusion have reached Sherine’s fan base after her lawyer claimed she was badly beaten by her brother and taken to hospital after she dropped the exchanged legal cases against her ex-husband Habib.

The lawyer said the singer’s brother beat her and forced her to enter a hospital and undergo treatment, refusing to let her go back to her ex-husband.

The artist’s lawyer filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office to have her released from the hospital.

Sources close to Sherine say she is being treated for mental health issues and is also in physical therapy for a cruciate ligament injury.

Various sources close to the singer confirmed that she had been staying in a psychiatric hospital in the Heliopolis area and not in an orthopedic clinic for the past few days, after announcing a few days ago that she had slipped and fallen and injured his cruciate ligament.

The sources stated that Sherine is suffering from mental health issues and needs treatment without any pressure, especially given Habib’s attempts to restore their relationship, which they say her family is trying to avoid.


Sherine issued a statement in early October confirming she has great respect for her ex-husband following their public reconciliation.