Shoppers are rushing to pick up Asda home appliances that scan at the checkout for almost half their original price

SHOPPERS rushed to Asda to buy a home appliance scanned at checkout for a 50% discount.

The supermarket giant has reduced the price of a vacuum cleaner.

Asda is selling a vacuum cleaner for £44 at checkoutCredit: Getty – Contributor The vacuum cleaner is £80 online

Online, the Beldray swivel vacuum costs £80, but one shopper said he got it for just £44 when he checked it out.

The happy customer posted on the Extreme Couponing & Bargains Facebook group: “Was desperate for a new vacuum, gave it a try as our last one from Asda lasted almost 4 years!

“£80 online, scanned £44 Asda.

“Picked up a tank full of cat hair from our living room carpet!”

One person commented: “I have this vacuum and I absolutely love it – it’s not heavy but sometimes I have to give it a really good boost to get it up and running on the carpet…”

However, some people were not impressed with the quality of the vacuum cleaner.

One commented: “I’ve got this, it’s barely taking off.”

Another said: “Got this vacuum cleaner started really well now the power is out.”

Of course, inventory and price will vary from store to store.

Look for the best deal because there could be something better.

Prices may also vary from day to day and depending on current offers. Also, keep in mind that if you order online, you may pay for delivery.

You can compare prices on platforms like Google Shopping.

Asda shoppers also rushed to pick up a beauty kit, which went for 2p instead of £10.

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It had slashed the price of a basic beauty and pampering kit by a whopping £9.98.

Meanwhile, B&M shoppers have rushed to pick up cheap furniture scanned at checkouts for just 50p instead of £20.

How else can I reduce my purchases?

Research what you need before you go.

Prices always vary and it may be worth switching your shop if you’re looking for a specific item, e.g. B. Children’s clothing. Take a look at which stores offer what.

One shopper avoided going to supermarkets altogether in favor of his local wholesaler, allowing him to stock up in bulk at lower prices.

When shopping for groceries, you can also redeem discounted groceries such as Yellow Sticker Bargains – these items are on sale because they are approaching their sell-by date.

They’re still safe to eat or freeze to make them last longer, but it means you can buy the same products at an even cheaper price.

If you are really ahead, you can also buy winter clothes in summer and vice versa.

Most of the time, retailers offer the clothes that people aren’t wearing – like winter coats in the summer.

Sign up for loyalty programs as this allows you to earn points which you can then use towards money from future deals.

Tesco offers its loyal customers personalized coupons through its Clubcard program.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s revamped the Nectar loyalty program in 2019 to also offer personalized discounts.

Customers can see the deals each week on the website or app and then earn the extra points when they buy the item in store or online.

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