Shraddha’s skull, mobile phone, murder weapon still missing: 10 clues cops have | Latest News India

With six months following the murder of Shraddha Walkar, much remains to be done to unravel the connections in the sensational Shraddha Walkar murder case. Defendant Aaftab Amin Poonawala, her partner, admitted on Monday to strangling her on May 18 after a fight. Aaftab claimed he bought a new freezer and knife the next day, and over the following days chopped up the body and stored it in the freezer. At night he took out the body parts and disposed of them in the nearby wooded areas.

10 things the police have found so far

1. Police found 10-13 bones from the forest where Aaftab claimed to have disposed of the 35 pieces of Shradhha Walkar’s body after killing her. Her head has yet to be found.

2. The bones were sent to the forensic lab to rule out that they belonged to any animal.

3. Blood stains were found in the kitchen of the apartment in Chhatarpur. The samples were sent for examination

4. DNA samples were taken from Shraddha’s father to match those of the blood and body parts recovered.

5. Pending water bill from 300 for Aaftab’s apartment proves he used a colossal amount of water – likely to remove the blood and other physical signs of the murder.

6. Investigators are also obtaining CCTV footage of the area, which presents a challenge as most CCTVs take 15 days of footage, but in this case officers want footage from the last six months.

7. A bag containing Shraddha’s belongings was found but has yet to be identified by the family.

8th. Delhi police requested a narco test from Aaftab which will prove if he is telling the truth or misleading the investigation.

9. Aaftab visited a doctor for treatment of a knife wound in May. The doctor said Aaftab was restless and claimed he was injured while cutting fruit. The doctor confirmed that it was not a deep injury.

10 After killing Shraddha, Aaftab ran her bank account app and transferred 54,000.

Murder of Shraddha Walkar: what’s missing

Shraddha’s skull, her mobile phone and the clothes Shraddha and Aaftab were wearing on May 18 have yet to be found. The clothes were thrown into a moving garbage truck.

What the defendant Aaftab Amin Poonawala has said so far

When called by the Maharashtra police, Aaftab claimed he had no contact with Shradhha. He also told the same to the Delhi police that Shraddha left his home on May 22nd. However, police found a bank transaction dated May 26 that he was in 54,000 was transferred from Shraddha’s account. The place has been traced back to Chhatarpur. On May 31, there was activity on Shraddha’s Instagram account which was also traced to the Chhatarpur area, although Aaftab claimed Shraddha went with her phone.

He then confessed to killing Shraddha and claimed that she put pressure on the marriage. He said he decided to kill Shraddha over a week before May 18, but he could not kill as Shraddha got emotional during a fight. On May 18, the couple quarreled over who should bring the household items from Vasai, where they used to live.

Aaftab revealed gruesome details of how he killed and hacked up Shraddha’s body and how he googled to find out things to get scot-free.