Shuttle service comes down the road to Aishel House

“Home” for patients, families
starts campaign to add driver service

The Aishel House provides a home away from home for out-of-town patients (and their families) who seek treatment at the world-renowned Texas Medical Center. To get to the doctor or hospital for treatment, patients rely on Uber, trains and volunteers. But soon, patients will have another way to get to the medical center — a special shuttle.

Aishel House has launched an ambitious campaign to raise the funds necessary to fund the shuttle service for the next five years. Estimated cost is $366,496 including vehicle, insurance, maintenance and driver.

“Until now, it was something that was only done by volunteers. And the volunteers do many things for patients – they help prepare meals for them and deliver meals to them; they do different activities; and they are there as a listening ear and friend to the patients,” Rabbi Peretz Lazaroff told the YHV.

“And one of her jobs was also to help transport patients. But in recent years it has become clear that, in addition to the volunteer services, we really need something 24/7, on call, to allow patients to move around the medical center to be there for them.”

Complementing the volunteer services, the shuttle will be available to shuttle patients to doctor’s appointments, to and from airports, and on shopping trips.

“I think it’s going to be a total turnaround for patients here who go to the hospital every day at 6 or 7 a.m. for appointments,” Rabbi Lazaroff said.

‘So that they know there’s a ride waiting for them that’s here at Aishel House and not from somewhere else; it’s not someone they’re calling. You don’t have to park, but there is a car waiting for you to take you to your appointment. It’s one less worry as they focus on getting better.”

Patients love the prospect.

“There was someone who stayed at Aishel House for nine months,” the rabbi recalled, “and when he heard that this shuttle was in the works, he said, ‘Oh, wow. All those Ubers could have been avoided.”

As Aishel House has grown, the community has come together to support their needs. Once again, Aishel House looks at the generous nature of Houstonians.

“We are looking forward to it [the shuttle] done as soon as we can,” Rabbi Lazarov said. “Once the funding for it comes in — once it’s signed — it’ll be out on the road.”

To find out more about Aishel House’s endowment opportunities, send an email [email protected] or call 713-522-2004.