SiFotonics announced low-power 800G silicon photonics solutions for data center and AI/ML applications

SiFotonics Low Power 800G Silicon Photonics Optical Transceiver Solution.

SiFotonics’ low-power 800G silicon photonics module solution, supporting transmission distances up to 2km, more than 50% power reduction over existing solutions, is ideally suited for next-generation data center optical connectivity, AI/ML computing applications.

SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd, a pioneer and global leader in optical networking solutions based on silicon photonics integrated circuits and components, today announced 800G low-power silicon photonics solutions for data centers, artificial intelligence and machine learning computing applications at.

The 800G optical transceiver module is equipped with SiFotonics silicon photonic modulators, Ge/Si photodetectors, high-performance analog driver and transimpedance amplifier ICs with industry-leading high bandwidth, additional gain and equalization, and supports transmission distances from a few meters to up to 2 km, with a power loss of less than 8 pJ/Bit, more than 50% power reduction compared to existing solutions. The combination of high capacity, high performance, and low power dissipation makes this solution ideally suited for next-generation data center optical connectivity and AI/ML computing applications.

“In recent years, SiFotonics has significantly expanded the portfolio of silicon photonics solutions for data center applications. We have shipped over 30 million silicon photonics-based chips and photonic integrated circuits to global customers and invested in extensive integration capabilities and solutions for customers. SiFotonics is now an industry leader with solutions from the broadest silicon photonics product portfolio with our successful ‘IDM-lite’ business model and the best performance and value for data center customers,” commented Dr. Dong Pan, Founder and CEO of SiFotonics.

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SiFotonics will be attending the Optical Fiber Communication Conference March 5-9 at the San Diego Convention Center, Booth #2230.

About SiFotonics Technologies Ltd. SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading solution provider for ultra-high-speed data center and 5G wireless optical network applications with advanced Silicon Photonics integrated circuits and components as well as customized solutions. Founded in 2007 in Massachusetts, USA, SiFotonics has offices and facilities in Boston, San Jose, Taiwan HsinChu, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai. The SiFotonics website is

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