Single mom Dency Louis relies on EASE scholarship to pursue her nursing degree

Dency Louis is like any other Lakeland resident. She works full time, takes care of her family and does her best to stay involved in the community. Louis recently enrolled in Keizer University Lakeland’s Associate of Science in Nursing degree program, which has already caused significant changes in the way she views her future.

Louis has worked in healthcare for over seven years, so she is intimately familiar with the sacrifice and dedication that a nurse entails.

“I see the difference nurses make. I want to be a part of it,” Louis said.

The Associate of Science in Nursing program at Keizer University College of Nursing offers a path for students who want to become registered nurses. The curriculum addresses critical thinking, assessment and therapeutic communication skills, health promotion and maintenance, and competent nursing. Students learn how to administer medication and treatments to patients. The program includes the study of the general principles of biological, psychological, physical and social sciences. Students will also participate in clinical experiences that provide the hands-on training they need to be successful in their careers. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure as a registered nurse.

Louis began her journey to Keizer University in late 2022 and said her experience to date has been exceptional. She commended the Lakeland staff and faculty for taking such good care of her and answering her every question.

After graduating with an Associate of Science degree in Nursing, Louis said she plans to continue her education at Keizer University and enroll in the next level program to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. These degrees give her the opportunity to provide for her community and family in Haiti.

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Louis is a recipient of the EASE (Effective Access to Student Education) grant, a grant created in 1979 and rebranded in 2018 that provides tuition to students enrolled in programs at eligible independent nonprofit colleges or universities in Florida.

“[The EASE grant] helped me a lot. I’m a single parent and I work full-time…so that took a load off me,” Louis said. “Because books are expensive and courses are expensive, it really helped me.”

Keizer University is a private, independent, not-for-profit university serving nearly 20,000 students in 21 Florida, online and two international campuses. Co-founded by Chancellor Arthur Keizer, Ph.D., and Evelyn Keizer in 1977, Keizer University currently offers more than 100 degrees from associate to doctoral degrees. Keizer University is a designated Hispanic-serving institution, a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, and was ranked #1 in the United States for providing social mobility by US News and World Report in 2023.