Sirius, the online world preparing Latin America for the artificial intelligence explosion

Arnobio Morelix, Rafaela Herrera and Felipe Matoses are the founders of Sirio College, a new online university created in Brazil that aims to promote technological education for professionals.

The university is now involved in two of the most important areas of the technological ecosystem: artificial intelligence and data analysis.

What stands out in Morelix’s career is his years of experience in Silicon Valley, where he has lived for more than a decade. His specialization as a data scientist has helped him scale quickly in a highly competitive environment.

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Startup Genome joins as Chief Innovation Officer. The magazine also worked at Stanford University and Inc. After a long career in the Mecca of world innovation, he decided to return to Brazil to start a business in his country.

“I am an expert in data science. When I was hired, it took me four years to find a career path that was compatible with my studies,” Morelix said. “I wish there was some kind of support that would guide my steps in the professional world.”

It was his passion for information and the lack of specialists in this field and in artificial intelligence that led him to found the online university “Sirius College” together with two other co-founders.

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“We are in the midst of a technological revolution.” Many jobs are disappearing and being replaced by others that correspond to the new era,” explains the university founder. “Artificial intelligence and data science will become much more valuable in the coming years.”

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Morelix presented the educational problems in Latin America: “There is a lot of education but little technological specialization, especially in Brazil. That’s why we want to establish an alternative education.”

Sirius College is now accredited as a Central Public University in Brazil. The program lasts nine months and is aimed not only at young people but also at professionals who want to improve their technological skills and advance their careers.

In this sense, Morelix confirms that Sirius College has already helped professionals from Google, Uber and Deloitte to promotions and raises: “It helps improve your life. Nine out of ten students recommend our academy.”

Online learning with artificial intelligence bot

Before the official start, Sirius College presents a pilot year in which students from different parts of Brazil worked together.

Through these tests, several groups were formed: one of the students who attended the Sirius Innovation Center, another who completed the online program, another hybrid.

Finally, it was found that learning outcomes were similar between face-to-face and hybrid groups.

“Many employees don’t have the time to commute by car and to university every day, so this learning model fits their career perfectly,” explains the founder.

Of course, the element of human connection remains, as the university always has its doors open in the center of innovation in Brazil and there are also two immersion programs in Silicon Valley and in São Paulo.

It should be noted that during the course, students have access to the moon, the first made by artificial science, which provides students with support at all times. Morelix makes these bots ChatGPT. Students can ask a question about this robot, developed by the same teachers at the center.

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Expansion through Latin America

The cost of the Syria College is affordable: $5,000 for the nine-month program. A similar program at UC Berkeley costs $60,000. In Brazil, other specialized master’s degrees cost nearly $12,000.

For an easier payment solution, there’s a monthly subscription fee, and you can add immersion programs in the San Francisco and Brazil ecosystems.

Additionally, at the end of the program, students can participate in scholarship programs with experts to help them find career opportunities.

It should be noted that there is also a course of study at this university. Sirius College has partnered with colleges that offer student aid. In this way, students have the opportunity to find a job immediately after completing their training.

At the moment the program is available in Portuguese, but there are plans to launch it in English in the next few months.

It will initially expand into Latin America, but its founders have focused on Asia and Africa in recent years. Their areas of study will also expand, and subjects will converge with other relevant technological specializations.

Recently, Sirius College was accepted into the Miami Techstars program where they can build a network of contacts and businesses.