Siro completes 10-gigabit network upgrade for Irish enterprises

Siro says the upgrade is designed to future-proof its network and meet the growing data needs of businesses across Ireland.

Siro has completed an upgrade of its broadband network, bringing 10 Gigabit fiber connectivity to businesses in Ireland.

The broadband network operator said businesses can access connectivity up to 10 times faster than before. The upgrade is designed to future-proof the network and meet the growing data needs of businesses.

In June, Galway was announced as the first Irish city to benefit from this modernization as part of a wider €20 million investment in the region. Siro says the improved connectivity is now available to businesses across its network.

Siro CEO John Keaney said the upgrade is about making sure the company “doesn’t fall short of what our customers want and need.”

“All aspects of business processes and operations are becoming increasingly digitized,” added Keaney. “Reliable and future-proof connectivity is the foundation on which they all rest.

“This upgrade, and the increased speed it unlocks, gives organizations the ability to plan and scale their bandwidth needs as their data demands and business needs grow.”

According to Siro, the 10 Gigabit offering is currently focused on the enterprise market as Irish businesses need to scale up their bandwidth in the short to medium term. It also offers two gigabit speeds for residential customers.

The company said the increased bandwidth could support new technologies like AI, virtual reality and speech recognition tools. The upgrade also offers improved data and network protection by facilitating network management systems.

“Rather than waiting for broadband infrastructure to catch up, businesses can now be confident that they can access higher speeds and capacity when they need it,” Keaney said.

Siro is currently rolling out a 100-wire fibre-optic broadband network in 154 towns and cities across Ireland, with services currently available to more than 450,000 buildings. The network operator wants to reach 770,000 connections by 2026.

The company, a joint venture between ESB and Vodafone, secured €620 million in funding late last year to support its rollout plans.

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