Skate-X 500W 22mph electric scooter from $499

Skate-X is a new 500W 22mph electric scooter launched this month via Indiegogo, offering a brand new skateboard-inspired foldable electric scooter for commuting and urban adventures. Designed by Bustin Boards the new Skate X features an award-winning design and will ship before Christmas 2022. Great early bird prices Currently, the electric scooter is available at an offer huge discount although that pricing will end in just over 11 hours.

Early Bird Pledges are available now for the recently launched project, starting at around $499 or £439 (depending on the current exchange rate)which is offering a sizable discount of about 50% off the retail price while Indiegogo crowd funding is ongoing.

Features of the electric scooter Skate-X

“The world’s first electric scooter designed around a skateboard. Bustin Boards of New York and La Scoota Company of California have teamed up to create the most fun, portable and affordable premium electric scooter ever. Built around a custom Bustin Boards (E)Core™ skate deck for incredible levels of control, precision and flow. The custom concave and bamboo construction within the deck creates a truly unique experience that you cannot find on any other electric scooter.”

Electric scooter Skate-X 500W

If the Skate-X campaign successfully meets its required fundraising goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected sometime in December 2022. To learn more about the Skate-X electric scooter project, watch the promotional video below.

“After intensive manufacturing and prototype testing, we are ready to ship our first edition in time for Christmas! After our first edition scooters are reserved, our second production batch will begin and will be shipped in March/April 2023. We can ship worldwide. VAT and GST not included. See Reward for details of the shipping costs that apply to you. We plan to ship all orders before December 15, 2022. We will keep you informed of our progress and the estimated delivery date of your order.”

Skate-X Scooter Theme

“In 2001, Bustin Boards founder Ryan Daughtridge built his very first skateboard in his father’s barn. A few years later he was in New York City making uniquely engineered longboards designed to move faster around town. Obsessed with making boards that would push farther and smoother, he soon opened the first Bustin Labs location in a 3,500 loft space outside of Manhattan. Since then, Bustin Boards Company has handcrafted over 100,000 custom boards for riders around the world.”

For a full list of all available campaign pledges, stretch goals, additional media and electric scooter specs, please visit the following link on the official Skate-X crowdfunding campaign page.

Source: Indiegogo

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