Slack Randoms: $1100 Ti Wheels, Blockchain Carbon Frame Tracking, and More

We use Slack as our workplace communication tool at Pinkbike and we have a #randoms channel that we use to share a selection of videos and stories from all corners of the cycling world and beyond… We thought of a few moments of the past week were too good not to share with a wider audience, so here are some of the highlights.
Van Nicholas Releases $1100 Ti Impeller
Van Nicholas has joined the list of brands offering premium wheels when it releases the Ventus JR. Titanium’s light yet tough nature makes it the perfect material for very young riders, as it’s light enough to be easily controlled but tough enough to handle the rough treatment it will inevitably receive!— Ralph Moorman , general manager of VanNicholas
The Ventus JR weighs just 2,322 grams, although that costs $1109. Learn more here.
Blockchain could track the sustainability of composite materials for bike frames
Fujitsu and Teijin have partnered with V Frames and Advanced Bikes in Germany to promote recycled materials and track emissions across the bike industry using a blockchain platform.

The project aims to create “digital twins” of composite frames within a blockchain platform so that the life of each frame can be tracked. The hope is that this will create greater awareness of the value of recycled materials and the industry’s current use of carbon fibre.

Designing a mountain bike in Fusion 360
00:00 Introduction
01:07 Step 1 – Basic sketch
04:32 Step 2 – Center line sketch
08:33 Step 3 – Pull the head tube
12:19 Step 4 – BB ST
14:47 Step 5 – Front Triangle
18:49 Step 6 – CS center lines
22:14 Step 7 – Tire Release Body
23:45 Step 8 – SS center lines
27:46 Step 9 – CS body
29:36 Step 10 – SS body
31:20 Step 11 – Assembling the dropouts and yoke
34:59 Step 12 – Conclusions

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In this tutorial we will design a mountain bike frame from scratch. The method I show is a simplified version of how I design bikes in fusion360. As with any software, there is a learning curve.

See the thread for additional instructions, files and to ask questions:

– Split the video into steps. You may have to repeat the steps at half speed to understand them
– Try not to deviate from the tutorial on the first pass. You can always go back and change the geometry and design later
– If you get stuck, try reverse engineering the CAD
– Anything, you only get better with practice


Jack Moir’s swing test
First test session on My new Capra. Day 1 was testing tails of different lengths.— Jack Moir

Audi Nines 2022 FPV Course Flyby
Climb aboard for a scenic flight over the 2022 site for Audi Nines. Which line are you driving?— GoPro

Thibaut Daprela and Hugo Marini Raw Runs in Combes, France
Get on some rides with the Commecal crew during their team’s first ever bike camp in the south of France. Good times with friends testing and riding along for the start of the year. — GoPro

Mastering the Slinky
Did you play with slinkies when you were younger? Josh Jacobs took a child’s toy and turned it into a visually stunning art form. Slinky manipulation is a fairly new practice, starting around 2010. Josh came to “Slinky” eight years ago after watching an incredible Chinese performer do things with a slinky that he never thought possible. Now Josh is one of the best slinky manipulators in the world.— Wired

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Construction of a laser chainsaw

Crayons vs. 150-ton hydraulic press
Return of the original Worm Maker 5 000 000 hydraulic press tool! Super satisfying worms made from oranges, cabbage, pineapple, candles and crayons! Filmed with super high speed cameras for high quality satisfying slow motion videos. — Channel for hydraulic presses