Snap helps companies integrate augmented reality

Snap has launched a program to help businesses connect with customers through augmented reality (AR).

The new AR Enterprise Services (ARES) will enable companies to integrate Snap’s AR technology into their own apps, websites and physical locations, the company said in a press release Thursday (March 23).

“We believe that AR—digital content overlaid on the real world—represents a profound technological paradigm shift that will significantly impact businesses in nearly every industry, and that companies and brands that pursue a successful AR strategy provide a significant competitive advantage will enjoy the years to come,” Snap said in the press release.

The first offering in the program is the Shopping Suite, which, according to the press release, offers 3D viewer, AR Try-On, Fit Finder and other AR capabilities for retailers that sell fashion, apparel and accessories.

These features provide retailers’ customers with accurate fit and sizing recommendations, the ability to try on or view the products in AR, and the ability to interact with the products in 3D, the press release said

The ARES program allows companies implementing the Shopping Suite to receive resources and support to implement these AR solutions, as well as tools to manage their AR assets and measure their performance by version.

“Through Snapchat’s AR technology, we’ve witnessed the evolution of AR from pure entertainment and self-expression to real utility for consumers and businesses,” Snap said in the press release. “And of course, brands need to be able to connect with their customers beyond Snapchat and across platforms, including through their own apps and websites.”

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In an application of AR technology, Snap and Amazon Fashion launched a Virtual Try-On (VTO) partnership in November 2022, pairing Snap’s AR lens filter with Amazon’s product inventory.

Starting with eyewear, the deal allows consumers to explore, shop, and try on thousands of products directly on Snapchat, and then shop them seamlessly through the Amazon Fashion Store.

Another AR solution provider, Perfect Corp., unveiled a 3D viewing and authoring tool that helps watch and jewelry brands enable shoppers to try on the products virtually.

The tool offers consumers “an immersive and engaging way to personalize their ring and watch styles when shopping online,” Perfect Corp said.

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