Snapchat’s My AI is both scary and reassuring, users say

Snapchat launched its My AI feature for Snapchat+ subscribers in February. Now that the chatbot is available to everyone, memes and concerns about the feature are popping up. Insider asked My AI questions about food and location to test how much the bot knows. Loading Something is loading.

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Snapchat’s My AI chat bot is now available to non-paying users and is already the subject of hilarious memes and genuine concerns.

In February, Snap rolled out OpenAI’s ChatGPT-powered feature for paid Snapchat+ users and added about a million additional subscribers in the 11 weeks since the announcement, Time reported.

As of Sunday, My AI is available for regular Snapchat users to chat with, and many are already posting about their weird conversations.

The opening prompt for “My AI” is: “I’m your new AI chatbot. You can ask me almost anything and I will do my best to help. I’m always up for a laugh and you can name me if you like. Is there anything I can do for you today?”

Those who tested the feature took to TikTok to share their jokes and concerns about the chatbot. Most kept their meme light-hearted, mentioning using the bot like a therapist to dump their issues on them, or an ex they might like to talk to.

However, others accused My AI of lying, gaslighting, and being an all-around creepy feature to chat with.

In a video viewed more than 12 million times, TikToker Evan Packard called My AI “terrible” while displaying an exchange with the bot about its location.

According to the clip, the bot asked Packard where he liked to roam in the town he lived in, but when asked directly, My AI denied knowing his location. When asked again to change the subject, the bot seemed to respond with Packard’s location.

Another creator claimed the ChatGPT-powered bot claimed not to have access to her personal information, but admitted to knowing her month of birth in a previous message.

After seeing the online reactions to My AI, Insider decided to test out some basic conversations with the bot. In a conversation about Chicken Tenders, the bot recommended mixing up dipping sauces and suggested serving sizes.

For an initial interaction with the bot, Insider struck up a simple conversation about Chicken Tenders and learned more about Popeye’s dipping sauces. Snapchat

When the topic of location came up, issues similar to those highlighted by TikTokers emerged. When asked about the user’s location, My AI said, “I’m not sure where you live, but I’m always happy to chat with you no matter where you are!”

When the topic of location came up, My AI’s responses got a bit more confusing. Snapchat

It then pinpointed the nearest pharmacy in the area and answered correctly when asked for the location a second time.

A Snap representative told Insider that My AI was programmed to comply with Snapchat’s community guidelines against inappropriate or harmful content.

“My AI understands a Snapchatter’s age and location if granted by them,” the statement said. “While My AI is far from perfect, our most recent analysis of its performance found that 99.5% of My AI’s responses met our community guidelines.”

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said the company was surprised to see such growth in its $3.99-per-month subscription, Time reported.

“We never expected to grow to 3 million subscribers,” Spiegel told Time. “Basically, what we’re seeing is that as we release new features, that gets more people to sign up or try Snapchat+. We’ve definitely seen a nice dynamic with My AI.”