Social media expert shares tips to increase TikTok views amid algorithm changes

A social media entrepreneur has shared his advice to increase views on TikTok amid apparent changes to the site’s algorithm.

Among other things, Christopher Claflin offers a social media boot camp to improve views and followers on personal or business social media accounts.

He also regularly posts updates on the topic on his TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels. In a video posted earlier this week, he claims that TikTok’s algorithm has changed, causing views to drop on many accounts.

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Christopher’s explanation for this is that TikTok prioritizes “higher engagement” with videos. Essentially, this means prioritizing quality over quantity and an end to the need to post three videos in a day.

He argues that the solution to declining views is to create “super sticky, engaging content that resonates with real viewers.” He acknowledges that there will be exceptions to this rule.

However, he says that simply using viral sounds or posting multiple videos a day only benefits creators who are already well-followed on the platform.

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