Social media is in full swing following Keke Palmer’s SNL pregnancy announcement

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We’re breaking out the champagne bottles in honor of America’s Zennial sweetheart Keke Palmer! As reported early Sunday morning, the actor and producer confirmed her pregnancy during her opening monologue on SNL. And while we’re overjoyed for the mother-to-be, we couldn’t help it Think she wasn’t trying to fake us earlier in the year? Scrolling through various comment sections across the social universe, we think we’re definitely not alone with this weird reflection.

If you recall, Palmer gave that very celebration a false start back in the spring when she posted on her Twitter account that she was “officially joining the Summer Moms Club.” The internet immediately went mad with speculation, wondering if this was a hoax given the timing. Palmer seemingly put the rumors to rest when she posted a picture of herself posing in the mirror on Instagram, which could have either had a baby bump or a really good meal. “I don’t lie… but I tell JOBS! Haha happy April Fools…” the NOPE star captioned the post.

But as it turns out, the joke is really ours. And for those who wonder if last The April announcement was indeed true, with internet aunts quick to point out that if it were, Palmer would be seven or eight months pregnant.

While some go back and forth about how long the bun has been in the oven, many are excited about how Palmer went about her official announcement.

“She pulled a Beyoncé!” one Instagram commenter wrote in reference to the former Destiny’s Child star, who revealed her own pregnancy while performing during the 2011 VMAs.

Others have the great honor of announcing something so vibrant – Switch to one of the world’s bestknown stages.

“Revealing your pregnancy while hosting SNL is a huge flex,” confirmed another commenter.

As with all celebrity news, not every comment has been exactly supportive. A few trolls mentioned it the social status of Palmer’s friend Darius Daulton jackson, implying that he is a “nobody”. Meanwhile, others are dealing with a status of a different kind.

“Why do we keep celebrating becoming a baby mom? Call me when they get married,” lamented one sour commenter.

But if you know how we know it, you know that Everyone Babies are blessings. And we’re so thrilled to see Keke getting a little blessing himself.

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