Social Media Star Gifts Aljamain Sterling Rolex Worth Over $10K After Betting and Winning $82K on the UFC Champion

Aljamain Sterling was gifted a Rolex by popular social media personality ‘Skinnybets’ after defending his title from TJ Dillashaw!

Aljamain Sterling stood last weekend in his attempt to dismantle TJ Dillashaw, who has been a staple of the UFC bantamweight division for most of the last decade.

Given his success, professional sports consultant “Skinnybets” gifted Aljamain Sterling with an opulent watch for his tremendous achievement. The watch, a two-tone Datejust Rolex, costs between $7,000 and $15,000.

Skinnybets posted a video of the healthy interaction between the UFC Bantamweight Champion and himself. In the surviving recordings, the sports advisor can be heard describing the course of events.

“Okay yo. We’re going straight to Sterling’s hotel. We’re going to surprise him with this two-tone Datejust Rolex. And look what I have. We just ordered a bottle of champagne.”

The betting mogul met Sterling in his hotel room, where he thanked him and said:

“Yo I just wanted to say thank you again. I’ve had a few surprises… the biggest bantamweight.”

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Aljamain Sterling’s response to the gesture!

Aljamain Sterling looked dapper in his hotel room after the fight. When Skinnybets announced their presence, with a surprise for ‘Aljo’, the 33-year-old wasn’t sure what to expect.

To his dismay, Sterling was presented with a luxury Rolex watch. Suffice it to say that the champion was left stunned and said:

“Oh shit. Oh, we have a Rollie. I don’t even know how to open it. Oh, that’s lit. That is beautiful.”

Skinnybets gave a heartfelt tribute to Sterling by stating that he was a big fan of the “Funkmaster”.

“Aljo” apparently turned the sports consultant’s $8,000 investment into a return of $1.4 million in four days when he defeated Petr Yan in their rematch for the UFC Bantamweight Championship earlier this year.

He recently won 82000 after betting sterling again to gain the upper hand. The easiest money he has ever earned, says the man himself.

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The fight between TJ Dillashaw and Aljamain Sterling!

Sterling commanded and maintained his control throughout the fight, using his wrestling to nullify Dillashaw’s exceptional movement and elite punch.

The Funkmaster’s superiority lasted two rounds before TJ Dillashaw was defeated with his ferocious ground and pound.

Sterling is undoubtedly one of the best 135-pound fighters in martial arts history. Only two options could make sense for the American at this point.

Move up a weight class and compete for the 145-pound championship or wait for the return of a certain former two-division champion, Henry Cejudo.

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