Social media suggests that almost none of the couples are lasting

Perfect Match, the latest Netflix reality TV show hosted by none other than Nick Lachey, recently premiered on the streaming platform on Valentine’s Day. On the show, former reality stars from shows like Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind and more try to find love by participating in compatibility challenges. However, the internet knows everything, and a few social media posts suggest that neither couple gets away with their…well…perfect match.

[WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers regarding Netflix’s Perfect Match.]

Can any of the Perfect Match couples make it in the long run? | Kr. Courtesy of Netflix / © 2023 Netflix, Inc. ‘Perfect Match’ stars Francesca Farago and Georgia Hassarati are in a relationship

Francesca shocked fans of the show when she broke up with Dom Gabriel after the couple seemed to have built a strong foundation. When they won a boardroom trip, Francesca decided to bring Damien Powers from Season 1 of Love Is Blind in for herself. Damien and Francesca had been together before, and she wanted a chance to explore that again. However, Francesca is now in a relationship with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan, and the pair began dating in the summer of 2022.

Georgia first met Too Hot to Handle’s Chase Demoor when he decided to bring her to the mansion for himself. However, the couple does not last long. The Netflix teaser for Perfect Match Episodes 5-8 reveals that Georgia and Dom will partner up sometime in the season. Regardless, that match eventually fizzled out because Georgia is now dating Francesca’s ex, Harry Jowsey.

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Netflix requires its cast members to sign agreements that forbid them from revealing details about the results of their series, but that doesn’t seem to stop most of them. The social media allure is proving to be too much as several of the Perfect Match cast members have mentioned that they are single in recent months.

Nick Uhlenthul opened up about his intentions to start dating again via his Instagram Story earlier this month after Perfect Match aired. Shayne Jansen mentioned his single status on Instagram Live. Chloe Veitch recently posted on TikTok claiming she’s taken. Also, she has created other TikToks mentioning that she is dating a local athlete in Los Angeles.

Perfect Match was filmed over a year ago

According to a now-deleted TikTok posted by Bartise Bowden, Perfect Match was filmed between March and April 2022. This gives the cast ample time to make new connections and break away from relationships. Also, many fans are skeptical about the true intentions of the stars on the show. Several viewers believe they only agreed to participate because it gives them another chance to star on TV. Whether scripted or not, Perfect Match offers plenty of entertainment for the fans at home.

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