Social Media Users Love These Fall Cookout Products

Fall isn’t cold enough to wear winter jackets in most places in the US, which means there’s still time to host barbecues.

These products make things easier as they are shipped right to your door, usually in a styrofoam container. The chatter on social media about these products suggests they are very tasty and ready for the last barbecues of the season.

1. Holy Grail Steak

Holy Grail Steak Co.Tajima American Wagyu Burgers – Half pound patties

This pack contains two 8-ounce hamburger patties. The Wagyu beef tends to cook better as the juices baste the meat. Actor Taylor Lautne has previously posted about the products, calling it the best meat he’s ever tasted (and that he wasn’t paid to say so).

2. New Zealand grass-fed beef

market thriveWagyu beef fillet steak

A fantastic Wagyu steak for fall cookouts, this company offers grass-fed beef and lamb available online at places like Thrive Market, Trader Joe’s, and Amazon Go. Chef George Duran is a fan and spoke about the product on a recent episode of Tasting Table.

3. Del Pacifico Wild Blue Prawns

crowd cowDel Pacifico Wild Caught Seafood | Wild-Caught Pacific Seafood by Del Pacifico Wild-Caught Seafood on Crowd Cow

Any cookout is great when you put shrimp on the grill. This Mexican Blue Shrimp arrives frozen in a fresh storage container, ready to be thawed and cooked.

4. Osmo Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

Osmo SaltSpanish Rosemary Sea Salt

This wonderful cooking accessory is made by Chef Nick DiGiovanni. You can use it to flavor meat or pretty much anything. The sea salt has an earthy, aromatic taste. The guy has over 15 million followers on apps like TikTok and with his YouTube videos.

5. True Story Kurobuta Pork Package

Food with true storiesPackage of Kurobuta Pork

This bundle comes straight to you, ready to thaw and cook. The package includes two pork chops, a tenderloin, pork shoulder ribs and more.

6. Luke’s lobster

Luke HummerLobster Rolls + Maple Whoopie Pies

A delicious option for any fall cookout, this package includes enough lobster for about four sandwiches, plus some scrumptious whoopie creme cakes.

7. Omaha Steaks

OmahaSteaks.comValue Freezer Filler | Omaha steaks

This pack is my favorite place to buy steaks. It includes steaks, pork chops, burgers and even an apple dessert. Everything comes in individual boxes for easy cooking.