Social media users throw scathing remarks at Cameron Robbins after he jumped off the boat


June 5, 2023 | 9:30 p.m

Online critics have slammed the “disorganized” and “disrespectful” reaction of one of the partygoers who witnessed Cameron Robbins jump off a boat in the Bahamas before disappearing.

In a haunting video capturing the final moments before the 18-year-old from Baton Rouge disappeared into shark-infested waters, a person can be heard on camera flippantly shouting “Bye, bye!”

The search for Robbins was called off two days after the May 24 party cruise dare, which was attended by several hundred fellow students.

“That damn boy jumped off! Oh my damn god! Oh, shut up! Oh bye bye!” said one partygoer in the video.

“Cameron Robbins’ video shows how cruel people are,” one social media user tweeted. “The guy is in the water and there may be a shark in the shark infested waters and people are shouting comments like ‘bye’ … and other cruel comments. Shows how terrible people are these days.”

“This video makes me angry. “I’m mad that the boy jumped off the boat just to complete a challenge,” one Facebook user wrote, later adding in the post that the “bye” comment was “just disrespectful.”

Cameron Robbins disappeared on the Bahamas.WBRZ Channel 2 last month

Another Facebook user described the situation as “so muddled” after noting that a teenager could be heard shouting “bye” in the footage.

“The guy who yells ‘Bye bye’ in the video [really] makes me boil,” tweeted another social media user.

At one point in the footage, onlookers on the ship – who had apparently by now realized the danger of the situation – yelled at Robbins to “grab the buoy,” but the teenager appears to be swimming in the opposite direction, and on the internet it is speculated that he may have encountered a shark.

His swimming in the shark-infested waters was caught on tape. WBRZ

In the video, a white object can be seen on the left side of the screen, but the footage is too blurry and hectic to make out exactly what it is.

Robbins’ parents told the Post over the weekend that they “appreciated” the great support for their missing son.

“We are mourning the loss of our son right now,” Shari Robbins told the Post a day before her son’s private funeral service.

“We look forward to your call. Maybe we can talk more later.”

The video shows the final moments before Robbins disappeared. via QuietWest3764/Reddit

Cameron’s family remembered their lost loved one in a touching obituary.

“Cameron Crossley Robbins was a beloved grandson, son, brother and friend. “He was lost at sea after being reported missing off the coast of Athol Island in the Bahamas on the evening of May 24,” they wrote.

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