Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) Update Patch Notes from March 9th

There is a new patch called Patch 1 (March 9th) for Sons of the Forest, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. The game is fresh and has already become one of the most popular games. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Forest, which is why it has a large following. Endnight Games aims to provide players with solid gameplay and as such has been supporting the game with updates from day one. The latest version is quite extensive and offers important things to the players. The patch notes of the Sons of the Forest Patch 1 (March 9) update are below.

Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) Update Patch Notes from March 9th

For our first patch, we’ve added a new mini-boss fight, a new binocular pickup, hang gliders, defensive wall gates and door locks, and much more. The full list is below:

Features – Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) Update March 9 Patch Notes Added binoculars Added hang glider Added defensive wall gate Added mid-game boss fight into a food bunker Added reset settings on options screen Added missing Virginia leather suit to world You can now lock doors with a stick placed on the inside of the door. Built small structures (furniture) can now be grabbed, while grabbed they can either be placed anywhere again or thrown to collapse them and get their resources back. Added some additional story elements Added new headshot death animation variations for cannibals Angry normal cannibals can now attack by jumping out of trees Small birds now land and eat/gain abundance Added option to hide player name tags Option to hide projectile crosshairs and Added Trajectory Fish The trap should now work and catch fish (every 5-10 minutes) as long as it is placed in the water and the current season is not winter. Added lookout towers to some cannibal villages. Story Paper pickups now display the “Zoom” UI. Added new structure Type: Unilateral Apex. Fills the space between a leaning beam and its supporting beam. Automatically aligns itself based on the tilt bar orientation. Automatically adjusts quarter stem variations to the correct length. Balance Added sleep cooldown Set rest deprivation from hunger and dehydration to 0 Muddy cannibals now get less angry (near player and late game) Added possibility of player sleep disruption events from nearby enemies that can reach the player Optimized fire drain rate to use them Firewood of major tweaks Berries for a bit more fullness Optimized energy drink for half as much hydration and less energy buff Optimized amount of fullness and hydration that all herbs and mushrooms give Hard enemy health to 1.25x health Reduced cannibal armor health by 1.5x increased With a hard Kelvin catch, the fish order ends after a time. Fixed opening a cave in late game with too many enemies. Adjusted some player melee events and ranges for better AI responsiveness. Shotgun damage halved. Seat rest amount increased from 0.3 to 0.7 Increased health for creepies depending on the number of active multiplayer players Improvements – Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) Update Patch Notes from March 9th Improved red cannibal animation and blends Fixed sleeping animation for female cannibals. Battle/idle gamer effigy set up for multiplayer Doors force open when spawning the player inside Fix for some LODs sometimes not switching properly Fixed bug caused when exiting during death’s awakening. Unique/Story items are now forced equipped when collected. Door orientation is now determined by the player’s position When placed, the face in front of the player is the inside face. Adjusted locomotion of deer and elk for better routing. Prevented the bench from being placed so close to objects that the player could get stuck getting up after sitting on it Added collision LODs/optimization for the wall torch Destroying screw bearings now spawns stored items as dynamic pickups Regenera by Strandgreebles ted with Coral stones Reduced size Bunker food Fixed some small lighting issues Added radio to Bunker food Turned the Mr. and Mrs. Puffton place cards into story pickups Fixes Should no longer be able to get through locked doors with a stick (Sorry Speed ​​Runners ! ) Fixed Kelvin felling trees with attached player structures. Fixed: Keycard guest didn’t open the two doors in Bunker conversation and wasn’t needed to get into Bunker residences Some potential multiplayer disconnect issues Fixed several input binding issues. Player stuck after dying while climbing rope. Fixed paper target being able to be placed on a tarp collision. Fixed option available to place a defensive wall on ungrounded pillars, often resulting in invalid placement being rejected. Fixed placing a defensive wall against a block quarter variation pillar resulting in an invasion Fixed the lid placement being rejected. Fixed destroying the critter deadtrap returning the resources twice. Fixed some issues when destroying a fire while interacting with it. Delay before performing action. Fixed a case where some elements could be removed from some unbuilt outlines Open rock/cliff edges in terrain Fixed bug where interacting with Virginia’s grabbag could trigger at the same time as picking it up, resulting in a bad player state bug fixed player attacking with spear after revival Fixed enemy armor setting bug Fixed number of animals setting bug Fixed players being able to trigger actions during this B. Ground attacks, fixed some possible temporary hang states. Fixed some cases where small birds were not afraid of the player. Fixed some incorrect keyboard icons for keystrokes. Fixed music not playing on the title screen after exiting a multiplayer broken state when attempting to equip an item they are already holding and whose inventory is at maximum The pillar will not properly connect to their new prop , resulting in an incorrect column position calculated after the cascading repositioning process. Fixed loading woodpiles from saves as a vertex (not retroactive). Added player save system for cutscenes. Cave Shark severed while eating Limbs that look broken Add a perch to a tall, dead tree stump. Fixed issue where walking over entertainment bunkers could cause trees and other world objects to disappear. Cannibals should no longer travel large distances to climb into windows Fix for clients no longer loading into the correct season when rejoining a saved game menu and instead only toggles visually. This should prevent some tutorials like the component pick-up tutorial from being completed before the player has actually done it Crossbow Sight and Flashlight weapon mods at the same time Fixed some cases where multiplayer clients could duplicate logs Fixed: Fixing wood stacks not putting their elements back in the correct position Fixed: Floating tree trunk when chopping down a tree with tree protection attached Structures that are broken apart have no audio. Tagged auto jumps on portable light. Fixed Kelvin dropping radios, destroying the radio. Fixed weapons given to Virginia not being returned with the correct amount of ammo and weapon upgrades. Slightly changed fade spacing on icons to make them more visible. Fixed for Player can slide through terrain when other players are upside down Fixed opening hatches removi ng weapon upgrades from currently held weapon Ensure player correctly aligns with death marker when dying at high altitude. Floating life jacket removed. Fixed the appearance of displacement digs being broken on some quality settings. Audio – Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) Update Patch Notes from March 9th Improved audio CPU overhead Improved some cannibal audio/vocals Audio stuttering issues reduced Reduced intensity of strong wind audio to reduce performance impact Maximum instances of footstep audio reduced to reduce cpu cost and improve performance of explosion to avoid clipping with distance. Added spit audio to the first spit nest in the entertainment bunker. Added fades to physics sounds. Updated triggered and reset audio events on fly swatter, bone maker, and critter traps. Prevented repair tool from spamming SFX, causing performance and audio issues

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Sons of the Forest is available for Windows (Early Access). For more information about this update, see the official Steam post.