SP Jain Bachelor of Data Science graduates were looking for impressive job opportunities in India and abroad

Impressive career results announced for graduates of Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) program at SP Jain School of Global Management.

According to the school, the Class of 2022 has produced a number of success stories, with graduates landing jobs in Australia with starting salaries ranging from A$78,000 to A$120,000. The salary varied from INR 22 Lacs to 36 INR Lacs for students who chose to intern in India. Some students received job offers from Vietnamese companies, while many others were accepted for further study at prestigious universities in the US, Canada, UK, France and Australia.

Several organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, technology startups, and government organizations, made offers to graduates of this youngest class. Macquarie Group, Amazon, Wolters Kluwer, EdgeRed Analytics Pty Ltd, Integrity Solutions, NSW Government (Grad Program), Viettel Big Data Analytics Center, OCB Bank, Savills Vietnam and ITR Vietnam are some well-known organizations that have employed these graduates. Within six months of graduation, there was an astounding 100% employment rate thanks to the program’s rigorous curriculum and strong focus on skill development. Some of these full-time positions have come about through productive internships within the company.

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dr Abhijit Dasgupta, Director of BDS Program at SP Jain, shared, “The Bachelor of Data Science program at SP Jain is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of data analysis and the skills needed to tackle complex business problems by using both quantitative and also qualitative data. We are proud of the remarkable success of our graduates and their impressive job offers at leading companies in the fields of technology and e-commerce. The curriculum at SP Jain is designed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, and the participation of industry experts from the technology sector demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge education. The high starting salaries of our graduates, which are well above the average graduate salaries in the respective regions, are a testament to the effectiveness of our program and demonstrate the core competencies and skills that employers demand and value.”

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The potential of this program to offer students a wide range of internship and practical work experience opportunities in renowned companies and universities even before graduation is one of the key points. Adaptive Investments (USA), University of Massachusetts at Boston (led by the renowned Professor Dr. Lawrence Pohlman), AI Australia (Sydney), VP Bank (Vietnam), Johnson & Johnson (Sydney), Instagram, Facebook, ISI, NITIE , Edify Accelerator, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay and other leading US and European universities are just some of the places where program participants have completed internships in the past.