Spark mail gets major update for Mac, iOS, Windows

Readdle is today releasing a major update to its popular Spark email client. The release brings a host of updates and new features such as a new home screen, Smart Inbox, Priority email, Put aside feature, Command Center, Gatekeeper email blocking and much more. And for the first time, Spark expands beyond Mac, iOS and Android and is now available on Windows.

Readdle announced all the changes and additions to the new Spark in a blog post today:

“We have more ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ than we can fulfil. People and apps will constantly distract us unless we proactively limit them. In order to do meaningful work, we need phases of uninterrupted concentration time. Intentional decisions require more effort, but produce better results. A new approach to productivity and email is required.”

Readdle summarizes the major release, saying, “The new Spark brings a new productivity philosophy, an updated experience, a powerful new set of tools, and a long-awaited Windows release.”

Spark’s new productivity philosophy is based on four attributes:

  • intentionality
  • focus
  • perfomance
  • To learn

And this is how the new Spark builds on these ideas:

New features in the Spark Mail app

Here’s a look at everything new with the latest version:

  • New Smart Inbox
    • Shows emails from real people at the top, while newsletters and notifications are grouped at the bottom.
  • priority email
    • Never miss an email from important senders by marking them as a priority. Messages from your favorite contacts stay at the top of your inbox and are highlighted for quick identification.
  • Mark as done
    • Treat emails like tasks and mark them as done once the work is done. Spark removes “completed” emails from your inbox and presents a nice reward for reaching inbox zero.
  • Put aside
    • There are emails that you might want to work on later—like a newsletter you want to read over the weekend, or a message you can’t reply to right away. Put them aside for a more comfortable time and get your focus back on the things that matter now.
  • command center
    • Respond to your emails faster than ever with the Command Center. Think of it as a hub with shortcuts to all the actions Spark has to offer.
  • home screen
    • The home screen helps reduce the number of email opens throughout the day and encourages better email habits. To reduce stress and distractions and increase productivity, compose and work on priority emails without going to your inbox.
  • usher
    • Pre-screen new senders and decide who can email you. You can easily block unwanted senders to save time and mental energy in handling their emails.
  • Group by sender
    • Are you getting too many emails from a certain sender? Group them to clean up your inbox and mark them complete with a single click.
  • mute topics
    • Quietly remove yourself from ongoing conversations by muting a thread that is no longer relevant. It’s perfect for long email chains where you’ve been CC or BCCed.
  • Large email attachments
    • Send attachments larger than 25MB directly through Spark. A recipient will receive a secure link to download your file.
  • Spark is extended to Windows

New prices

Along with all of these updates, Spark is getting a new pricing structure. Users can continue to use the free version (and existing customers will keep all the features they had).

But Spark Premium with all the advanced and latest features in this update costs:

  • New individual users for $4.99 per month with an annual subscription ($59.99) or $7.99 per month with a monthly subscription.
  • Existing Individual Users Enjoy a 30% lifetime discount on annual subscriptions, increasing the fee from $59.99 to $41.99 ($3.49 per month). Monthly access costs $7.99.

Spark is a free download for macOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Check out the full details on the update in Readdle’s blog post.

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