Spotify Wrapped Launch Has Internet Anxiously Awaiting: ‘Where Is It’

Netizens took to social media to share frustrations and predictions about their annual Spotify Wrapped stats.

At the end of each year, Spotify gives its users a year in review of the music and podcasts they’ve been listening to. Spotify Wrapped shows users data on their top songs, artists, genres, and how many minutes they’ve been listening over the year. Spotify also creates various public playlists with the most popular artists, genres and songs to stream throughout the year.

The top five most-streamed artists in the world on the streaming platform are Taylor Swift (82.4 million monthly listeners), The Weeknd (78.6 million monthly listeners), Ed Sheeran (75.8 million monthly listeners), Rihanna (71.7 million monthly listeners) and Drake (71.1 million monthly listeners).

The internet is eagerly awaiting Spotify Wrapped
Above, a phone screen shows the Spotify logo. Netizens have shared both predictions and frustrations regarding their annual Spotify Wrapped stats.
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Many netizens look forward to sharing Spotify’s results on their social media pages.

The streaming platform has teased the release of this year’s Wrapped playlists and users are losing patience. Until the statistics were released, netizens shared their predictions and expressed their fear.

Spotify has yet to announce when Spotify Wrapped will be released.


“Can’t wait for my psychic analysis (spotify packaged)” said another.

“I look forward to my boxed Spotify more than my own birthday,” admitted one user.

“‘No one cares about your Spotify packaging,’ I do.

One user admitted, “I’m nervous about seeing my #SpotifyWrapped because my music has been everywhere this year.”

“Before Spotify Wrapped comes out, y’all need to realize that I’ve gone through about 20 personality changes and I’m not responsible for any song I looped for seven hours,” said one Twitter user.

“If Spotify Wrapped can come out, I’ll have to make it my whole personality,” said another.

“DON’T WANT TO WAIT, DROP IT FASTER,” repeated one Spotify user.

“PLEASE I NEED IT I WILL DIE,” pleaded another.

“I’m super excited to show you all the random little people in my phone the stages I’ve been through this year,” said one Twitter user.

“A reminder that if someone tells you they don’t care about your #SpotifyWrapped, I’ll always care because I’m a curious piece of shit and need to know what everyone else is listening to during their time with that goddamn mortal spiral,” admitted another.

“Waiting for Spotify Wrapped is like waiting for a testimonial you know you’ll be yelled at,” wrote one user.

news week has reached out to Spotify for comment.