Sri Lanka’s Tamil, Muslim concerned about increased visits from Chinese officials

Sri Lanka’s Tamil and Muslim communities are concerned about the recent increase in visits by Chinese embassy officials to Sri Lanka’s northern and eastern provinces. Tamils ​​and Muslims make up the majority population in the provinces, Sri Lanka-based online news magazine Daily Mirror reported. A high-level delegation led by Chinese Embassy Charge d’Affaires Hu Wei visited Sri Lanka’s northern province in January. The delegation took part in various events such as distributing dry rations, helping schools with stationery and setting up drinking water systems in remote villages across the region.

Many are concerned about the distribution of rice produced in China, which is said to cause food poisoning and health problems. People are concerned about the quality of the dry ration they have received. China has gifted Rs. School uniform supplies worth 5 billion to millions of Sri Lankan students to meet 70 percent of country’s requirements in 2023, according to Daily Mirror.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Colombo, the first batch of three million meters of finished material was shipped from China to Sri Lanka in 38,000 boxes in 20 containers. Tamil Nadu had previously raised serious security concerns over the increased presence of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu also raised serious security concerns over the increasing presence of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China in Sri Lanka.

An alert issued by state intelligence said Chinese activities in the neighboring country posed a national security problem and called for heightened vigilance along the coast, Daily Mirror reported. Due to the movement of PLA cadres and the use of high-tech equipment such as satellites, drones and other communications equipment in northern Sri Lanka, constant surveillance was required in the country’s coastal districts.

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According to sources, the PLA used sophisticated equipment while claiming that they are starting sea cucumber farming. The free movement of Chinese nationals in many parts of northern Sri Lanka including Mullaitheevu, Paruthitheevu, Analaitheevu, Meesalai and Chavakkacheri sparked discontent among Tamil fishermen. According to the Daily Mirror, they had expressed fears that the Chinese are exploiting the rich marine wealth that is their only livelihood.

Local Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka fear that the current situation could create division among Sri Lankan nationals and limit India’s influence over Tamils ​​living in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. (ANI)

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