Srinagar gamer becomes internet sensation, garners millions of views

A 15-year-old boy from Srinagar is exploring the world of virtual gaming and his YouTube channel has received millions of views from around the world.

Mesum Abbas who hails from Saidakadal area of ​​Srinagar popularizes the content of several games on the internet and teaches his viewers how to overcome various difficult stages. This unique identity has made him popular not only in Kashmir but around the world.

Abbas, who is studying at a school in Srinagar, runs his YouTube channel S-one1, which has more than 150,000 subscribers.

He told Rising Kashmir that his gaming journey began in 2017 when his father brought him a tab from outside of Kashmir.

“After seeing that there were many games installed on it, I started playing them all and within three days my tab developed a technical error. My parents were unhappy about that and that tab was never fixed,” he said.

He said after a hiatus of a year, he has started recording gaming videos again and uploading them to the YouTube platform. “It generated good views and got him 53,000 subscribers from around the world,” he said.

“My parents didn’t allow me to go outside, so I focused on my content. During that time, I spent 5-6 hours creating gaming videos that were positively received by game lovers around the world,” he said.

The young gamer said most of his videos are short and he focuses on editing the content. “The gaming genre has yet to be explored in Kashmir and we can also make good money from Facebook and Youtube,” he said.

“I’m getting millions of views and I’m excited about my journey. I want to make my cashmere proud,” he added.

Abbas has played many games, but he usually uploads content tutorials in different stages of Free Fire and explains how to play them and improve the ranks. “I also upload live streams of his games and their reactions,” he said.

“I’m the first Kashmiri to rank third in the world rankings in Season 3 of Free Fire.”

About parental support, he says it was difficult in the early stages. “Now they support me as I cope with both my studies and my passion for gaming,” he said.

“My main focus is on my studies and after completing my education I want to create a game that represents Kashmir and popularize it around the world,” he said.

The young games said that virtual games have a good game space for which there are special courses for many universities in and outside of India. “In the past we had limited options, but today there are multiple opportunities to pursue careers that you are passionate about,” he added.