Starbucks’ new pellet ice cream splits the internet

Modified 21 May 2023 at 16:10 GMT

Starbucks fans may soon see a big change in their beverages as the coffeehouse chain begins replacing its ice machines with pellet ice-making units. The new machines mark the brand’s transition from traditional sliver ice cream to the new pellet ice cream. The transition focuses on improving the customer and partner experience and is also expected to help the chain reduce its overall water footprint.

The new pellet ice, also known as nugget ice, is currently in its introductory stages in the United States and will be offered in select locations in place of the traditional flake ice previously used. A popular staple on Sonic restaurants menus, pellet ice cream is known for its crispy and flaky texture. While there are multiple reasons for customers to love them, the pellet ice not only keeps the drink much cooler, but also adds an extra richness to mixed drinks.

As the chain begins rolling out the new option across the country, fans can be delighted with the crispy and flaky ice cubes. One user on Reddit expressed excitement at the new developments, commenting:

Starbucks will complete the transition to pellet ice cream in over a year

Ice is one of the key ingredients in handcrafted beverages and is often a cornerstone of popular coffeehouse chains, including Starbucks. While there may not be much you can do with ice, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why the coffeehouse chain has finally decided to take their ice cream offering to a new level with the introduction of pellet ice cream.

A coveted replacement for the chain’s traditional ice cream, the new crunchy pellet (nugget) ice cream offers fans a new way to enjoy their all-time favorite soft drinks, frappuccinos and more. While the move to pellet ice cream is still in its early stages, the new ice cream is available at select locations across the country. The nationwide availability of pellet ice should also be completed in over a year. According to the coffeehouse chain, the transition aims to increase ordering efficiency and make the overall coffee experience even more enjoyable for customers across the United States.

Pellet ice cream is currently available at select Starbucks locations in place of the traditional ice chipper (Image via user @Cupcake_Great/Reddit)

With pellet or nugget ice cream being one of the most sought-after ice cream flavors across the country, the move from Starbucks seems like a welcome move. However, not everyone thinks the same way. While the benefits of pellet ice can’t be denied, some Reddit users believe there are some potency issues when used with certain beverages.

Doubts and concerns aside, some people couldn’t be more excited for the transition to happen across the country as soon as possible. Some Reddit users rejoiced at the news that Starbucks had switched to pellet ice cream, jokingly commenting that people with anemia will “love this.” Some fans of the coffee house chain were also excited to see the new pellet ice cream in their drinks, as it was “the best kind of ice cream”.

Whether the pellet ice cream will make Starbucks drinks even better, or if it will just be another hyped change, is too early to tell. However, results from chains like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf using pellet ice cream have raised hope among fans about the potential of pellet or nugget ice cream.