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American cloud-based writing assistant Grammarly recently launched GrammarlyGo, a ChatGPT AI-based tool to improve users’ writing.

GrammarlyGO allows users to draft documents, compose and reply to emails, clarify text, edit for audio, and conceptualize a project within the apps users are working on. The new feature also relies on personal, organizational, and situational context to tailor suggestions to users’ writing and communication styles. According to Grammarly, the generative AI system should accelerate writing productivity.

Speaking of the recently launched GrammarlyGo feature, the company’s product lead, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury said:

“For well over a decade, we’ve delivered the leading AI-enabled communications assistant focused on helping people and businesses solve the real challenges they face every day.

“Now we are entering a new phase of our vision to support our clients in all phases of communication, going beyond conceptual and compositional revisions while maintaining our high standards of quality, privacy and security. Generative AI represents a game changer in innovation that Grammarly can integrate to bring even more value to our customers.”

According to an official announcement, the company revealed that the GrammarlyGO AI will be available in beta for existing users in April this year. Users do not need to have a premium account before using the feature.

All levels including developers, corporate, educational institutions and premium users can access the feature. Grammarly also allows free accounts to use the AI-powered feature. GrammarlyGO is activated automatically, but can be deactivated in users’ settings.

It’s interesting to note that Grammarly was founded in 2009 to help people communicate more effectively. It’s interesting to note that Grammarly has been using AI to check spelling and grammar and even suggest communication improvements for almost 14 years, Investors King understands.

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The company strives to help people achieve more through effective communication, whenever and wherever they write in English. AI-enabled communications support helps people feel confident composing a message and hitting send.

With the success of ChatGPT proving that AI can be a powerful tool to generate text, summarize information and the like, many tech companies are currently scrambling to incorporate chatbot technology into their products and services. Tech companies like Microsoft, Snapchat, Instacart and now Grammarly have all announced the introduction of AI-powered ChatGPT into their product to improve user experience.