Stay one step ahead with these top 5 Android and iOS apps of the week

Prepare to take your mobile experience to a new level! Our team has carefully compiled a unique list of five apps worth downloading on the Android or iOS platform. Whether you’re looking for new ways to spend your free time or streamline your everyday life, these apps are sure to enrich your smartphone usage. Discover with us the top apps to download this week!

Please note that this article is separate from our bi-weekly Free Apps of the Week issue. We don’t just read about these apps and thoroughly test them by downloading and installing them one by one. We also scrutinize each app to ensure it doesn’t contain unwanted in-app purchases or sneaky data collection practices that compromise our privacy.

This article is published weekly, so you can always check our previous Top 5 Apps stories if you missed anything. This week we recorded a touching game set in a devastated world that you shouldn’t miss. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the week!

Artifact (Android and iOS)

My first recommendation for this week is the news-based app called Artifact. While I don’t usually dictate where you get information about your favorite topics from, I have to make an exception this time. Having had some trouble with Twitter lately, I turned to Artifact after coming across an article about it in the Financial Times. Developed by the creators of Instagram, this app is a new addition to the market and aims to compete with Twitter as a news-based platform that fights internet proliferation.

I found the app layout to be well designed, and the best part (so far) is that I don’t have to create an account to access it. However, creating an account offers a more personalized experience, e.g. B. Maintaining your feed and preferences. The app also lets you add your own subscriptions, eliminating the need to sign up for services. Another feature I appreciate is that the app offers multiple perspectives on a given story. Artifact is currently only available in English.

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Price: Free / Ads: None / In-App Purchases: No / Account: Not required Artifact allows you to read different perspectives on a given topic from different sources. / © NextPit Above all: simple reminders (Android)

Two weeks ago I recommended the Memori Note app and it seems I have a penchant for note-taking apps. I recently stumbled across the Noterly app and I have to admit it changed everything. If you need uncomplicated reminders of recurring tasks, Noterly is the perfect solution. It works with a notification system and sends reminders a few hours before your deadlines to keep you on top of your tasks.

The app has a simplified interface and uses a color-coding system to help organize notes and reminders. Exodus, a security platform, has reported that the app has two analytics trackers and 11 permissions, although there’s no indication it’s a “dangerous” or “special” level. Although Noterly was released in January, it has already garnered over 1000 downloads.

Price: Free / Ads: No / In-App Purchases: No / Account: Not required Noterly offers a simple and clean interface and ensures timely task completion by sending notifications to your phone. / © NextPit Heark – Record and Transcribe (Android)

For non-Google Pixel users looking for an app that can record and transcribe audio, Heark is an excellent choice. Although it was only recently released and has a little over 500 downloads, it does an admirable job of audio transcription. In addition, the search tool makes it easier to find specific parts of interviews. While the user interface isn’t my personal preference, it’s relatively easy to navigate and identify features, files, and folders.

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Interestingly, it can recognize multiple languages ​​and accurately translate into the recording timeline, which was unexpected. According to the Google Play Store, there is a one-week free trial, after which a subscription is required for unlimited use. But even without a subscription, users can access and manage audio and transcribed text through the web interface.

Speaking of privacy concerns, the developer assures that the app doesn’t share user data with anyone else, and users can request that their data be erased. Personally I recommend this app for meeting recording and even dream meeting recording because a friend asked me for a specific tool and this app seems to be an excellent option.

Price: Free / Ads: None / In-App Purchases: Yes ($10.99 – $109.99 per item) / Account: Required For your next important meeting, remember to record it with Heark audio transcription and can have a searchable index. / © NextPit Dime – Budgets and Expenses (iOS)

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a financial management app that fits my needs. Although I’ve tried Finance Guru and Donatee, I found both of them too complex, which stopped me from using them. As a practitioner, I fell in love with Dime for its user-friendly interface and reasonable amount of filters. Also, I can add notes to my expenses so I can easily search for them using the search bar.

Rafael Soh, the developer of this app, is easily accessible through Reddit and seems to be continuously improving it. What makes this app even better is that it is “100% free forever” and has no paywalls or ads. However, users can still show their appreciation by tipping the developer. This app allows users to plan future expenses and create budgets in advance. They can also protect their data with biometric authentication. In addition, the developer adheres to Apple Store guidelines and does not collect any data from the app.

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Price: Free / Ads: None / In-App Purchases: Yes (You can tip the developer between $4.48 and $10.98) / Account: Not required Dime is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that helps users plan their financial life and keep track of their money. / © NextPit Sackboy Ultimate (Android & iOS)

The game suggestion comes from my colleague Rubens Eishima this week.

After two weeks of somber and almost philosophical playspace proposals, this week’s pick is a casual and upbeat endless runner. Sackboy Ultimate is a new entry in the PlayStation franchise exclusively for mobile.

While Run Sackboy offers traditional side-scrolling action in the style of Run Mario Run, Sackboy Ultimate is presented in traditional vertical scrolling, similar to blockbusters like Subway Surfers and Sonic Dash.

Enough comparisons. Sackboy Ultimate is an almost traditional endless runner with the characteristic cute woolly graphics. Instead of trying to run until you die (or get tired or run out of revive items), you compete to beat a high score. Slide and jump your way to collect colored balls and special items to earn rewards and cosmetic items to customize Sackboy.

Sackboy Ultimate offers in-app purchases to unlock additional items, but the amount of gear you get initially seems overwhelming enough. Still, for those who want to change character style, there are many ways to create a unique Sackboy.

Price: Free / Advertising: Yes / In-App Purchases: Yes / Account: Not required