Stranger Things star Joe Keery is Internet’s go-to choice for DCU’s new Batman

Speculations as to who will play the next superhero or villain are rampant in the comic book world. The Brave and the Bold is set to come out in 2026, and fans have already started guessing who the next Batman could be. And none other than Joe Keery, who portrays the lovable Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, seems like a choice for the role.

While Joe Keery won many admirers for his portrayal of Steve Harrington, some people might have doubts about his ability to portray the Dark Knight. However, he could be a fantastic option for the post for several compelling reasons.

Joe Keery Could Joe Keery be the next Batman? Director James Gunn is looking for a younger Dark Knight

For the next movie, The Brave and the Bold, director James Gunn recently tweeted that he’s looking for a Batman actor just a few years older than his teenage Superman. It’s likely the guy will be in his early to mid 30s because he’s going to have his son, Damian Wayne. Fans should think of actors from the age of about 30 and avoid well-known fan casts like Jensen Ackles from The Boys. One of the younger cast members who could play Bruce Wayne is Stranger Things’ Joe Keery.

Keery is able to portray both the heroic Batman and the compassionate side of Bruce Wayne. His performance in Stranger Things, where he first played a traditional bully before morphing into a far more heroic character, has already shown his acting prowess. This parallels Batman’s transformation over time from a rougher, more aggressive vigilante to a gentler, more heroic one. Additionally, Keery’s background in dealing with young cast members would be a significant asset to anyone playing Batman alongside a young Damian Wayne in the DC Universe.

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Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo as Steve and Dustin in Stranger Things

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In Stranger Things, Keery also acted as Dustin’s mentor and encouraged him to build his confidence. The Brave and the Bold would benefit from this experience as Keery’s Batman could guide young Damian Wayne while also defending him in fight scenes.

Unorthodox Choices: James Gunn’s History of Casting Comic Book Actors

While Keery might not be the typical option for Batman, The Brave and the Bold, filmmaker James Gunn has made unorthodox casting decisions for his superheroes in the past. For example, Gunn offered comic book actors Chris Pratt and John C. Reilly heroic roles in Guardians of the Galaxy while securing true action star Vin Diesel exclusively to voice Groot.

Chris Pratt

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Keery could play Batman in The Brave and the Bold similarly to Pratt Star-Lord. This wouldn’t be the first time an unusual option was chosen for the part. When Christian Bale was originally cast as Bruce Wayne, people had their doubts too.

Now that Keery is in his 30s, he’ll probably want to refrain from playing teenage roles. Being cast as Batman could be a great way for him to redefine his public image, and it could be just what he’s looking for following his successful tenure on Stranger Things.

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Joe Keery

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While there’s no official casting news yet for the role of Batman in The Brave and the Bold, the possibility of Joe Keery donning the cloak and robe is pretty exciting. Whether he gets the part or not, it’s clear that Keery has already won over many fans with his charismatic performance in the Netflix series. So we can expect to see more of him in the future, whether as Batman or in other exciting roles

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