Student Association Fall Elections Run Oct. 3-7

On campus, the Student Association (SA) acts as the government of the university’s student body, and its elected leaders serve as the representative voice for all undergraduate students.

Your goal and main focus? Striving to make each student’s undergraduate experience the best it can be.

The composition of the SA includes elected student representatives from each school or college on campus. Students serving at SA have the opportunity to transform the lives of their peers while gaining valuable leadership experience.

Students interact on campus.

The student union is holding its fall elections Oct. 3-7 to determine who will serve as student members of the student body government.

During each academic year, the SA Elections Committee holds two campus-wide elections for students interested in serving as leaders. Elections will be held in the fall to determine who will serve as the congregation’s first-year representative while filling all existing board positions. Elections are held in the spring for each elected seat, including the executive offices of President, Executive Vice President, and Comptroller.

The fall 2022 elections begin on Monday 3 October and end on Friday 7 October.

In hopes of involving as many students as possible in the voting process, students can cast their ballots through campus-wide email, online through the SA website, on SA social media channels, and via a QR code pointing to both digital signage at the Schine Student Center and lawn signs at the Kenneth A. Shaw Quadrangle. SA representatives will also sit in front of the screen during election week to answer questions.

There are 30 candidates in the running for 19 SA seats, along with some other seats open through the enrollment process.

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This fall, congregation representatives will be elected to serve from the following schools/colleges:

  • arts and sciences
  • University of Technology and Computer Science
  • SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry
  • Newhouse school
  • Falk College
  • College of Fine and Performing Arts

In addition, elections are held to determine which students serve as general and first-year general representatives for SA.

The elected students will serve SA as part of the 66th session of the student body government. They will hold their SA positions until May, when all their seats will be up for re-election in the spring.