Students enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations on campus

Universities in Shanghai have organized numerous activities to ensure students who stay on campus can enjoy the Spring Festival away from home.

More than 70 international students attended a lecture on the Year of the Rabbit online or offline at Shanghai University. They also witnessed paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy to welcome the coming Chinese New Year.

Ti gong

East China University of Science and Technology organizes activities for students staying on campus to celebrate the Spring Festival.

East China University of Science and Technology gathered students to write Chunlians (春联) or Spring Festival Couplets, practice paper cutting, make lanterns and have something Nianyefan (年夜饭) or a Chinese New Year’s Eve with festive dishes such as jiaozi (饺子 dumplings), Tangyuan (汤圆 sticky rice balls with sweet or salty filling), baby fan (八宝饭 steamed sweetened sticky rice with eight different ingredients) and Chunjuan (春卷 a thin sheet of dough rolled, filled and fried).

Snacks such as white rabbit candies, sunflower seeds, chocolate and biscuits were distributed to students along with New Year’s pairs and ornaments featuring rabbit elements.

The dormitories and canteens were decorated with couplets, as well as lanterns and ornaments in the shape of rabbits.

From Chinese New Year’s Eve to the third day of the lunar year, students can enjoy free meals with specially designed coupons.

Shanghai Polytechnic University was also decorated with festive ornaments. University President Xie Qinghua led other officials to welcome the students remaining on campus, including 35 international students, and have an early morning Nianyefan with them on Thursday. The party also included games such as lantern puzzles and gambling.

Primov Mukhammad, an economics major from Uzbekistan, said he was delighted to attend the event. It allowed him to enjoy the charm of traditional Chinese culture and feel at home. This year he will graduate and it will be the last time he will celebrate Spring Festival at the university.

East China Normal University’s Global Education Center has also held many traditional activities, such as writing Spring Festival couplets, guessing lantern puzzles, playing chess, preparing Chinese knots, and making dumplings.

These activities attracted more than 100 international students from over 30 countries and regions.

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