Summary of the top AI conferences

getty Key Findings The Jasper AI conference brought together business and technology leaders from across the AI ​​landscape The 2023 conference year will feature many AI-specific events and other conferences with an AI component Even if you miss the top AI conferences earlier in the year , it’s not too late to register and attend later in the year.

The Top AI Conferences bring together leading artificial intelligence companies to learn, network and plan the future of the industry. With the rapidly growing use of AI in consumers’ everyday lives and the increasing use of AI and machine learning in business, AI conferences are a fun and educational way to expand your knowledge and career path in AI-related fields.

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Jasper AI Conference

The GenAI conference is hosted by Jasper, a company that helps clients create marketing content with an AI assistant. The 2023 event includes speakers from Jasper, GitHub, OpenAI, MIT and other renowned companies and organizations.

The event took place on February 14, 2023 in San Francisco. Recordings are only available to event attendees. So unless you are friends with someone who has a GenAI conference pass, you will not have access to the 2023 videos.

Top AI conferences

However, you’re out of luck if you missed the Jasper AI conference. 2023 will see a busy AI conference circuit, and new events will likely be announced before the end of the year. Here’s a snapshot of the top AI conferences on our radar.

World Summit AI Americas

This big AI event is planned for April in Montreal. Speakers, sponsors and attendees come from major AI companies including IBM Watson, Accenture, Amazon’s AWS, Oracle, TD and others. The Americas conference in Canada is a spin-off of the World Summit AI conference in Amsterdam, which takes place in October this year.

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World Summit AI Americas attendees include well-known Fortune 500 and international brands. The company behind the conference also hosts health-focused conferences in Europe when not busy with its three AI events.


Taking place in Las Vegas in August, Ai4 brings together professionals from across the AI ​​landscape to learn and connect with industry peers. If you work in a large company or organization in the field of AI, you have a good chance of qualifying for a free pass.

The speakers come from various industries that use AI, including finance, government, generative AI, healthcare and blockchain. The event expects more than 1,700 participants for the 2023 event.


Collision is a massive event that brings together a wide range of technology-oriented professionals from technology, telecom, finance, healthcare and other industries. While not just dedicated to artificial intelligence, the 2023 event will surely have a focus on the hottest technology trend. Last year at the event, our team met with the CEO of Techstars.

Attendees should expect prominent speakers and executives from some of the world’s largest technology companies. For 2023, Collission expects more than 40,000 participants from 140 countries. The company that operates Collision also manages the popular Web Summit event in Lisbon and major events in Rio and Hong Kong.

Data Science Salon

The Data Science Salon, held in Austin in February, focuses on the implementation of AI and machine learning technologies in large enterprises. Speakers come from well-known companies such as Google, Wayfair, Indeed, Lowe’s, Adobe, Vista (known from Vistaprint) and the University of Texas.

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The focus topics here go into the details of introducing AI to the biggest use cases in product development, customer service, cybersecurity, data science, and natural language processing tool development. If you work in a large IT or technology department, an easy sell for this event might be to ask your boss to visit Austin.

2023 Top AI Conference Calendar

If you’re interested in AI events, there are many other ways to learn and network with industry peers. Here are some others you should know about:


RE•WORK AI Summit West – San Francisco, CA Data Science Salon: AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise – Austin, TX & Digital


Intelligent Automation Middle East 2023 – Muscat, Oman ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction – Stockholm, Sweden The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit – Edinburgh, UK & Digital Data Innovation Summit, ANZ – Melbourne, Australia


Data Science Salon: Applying AI & Machine Learning to Media & Advertising – New York, NY & Digital Future of Chatbots and Conversational AI Summit – London, UK AI in Finance Summit – London, UK


Conversational AI Summit – London, UK AI and Big Data Expo North America – Santa Clara, CA


Data Science Salon NYC: Applying AI and ML to Finance and Technology – New York, NY AI World Congress – London, UK Data Science Salon NYC: Applying AI and ML to Media and Advertising – New York, NY



AI Hardware Summit – Santa Clara, CA Edge AI Summit – Santa Clara, CA AI and Big Data Expo Europe – Amsterdam, NL

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Qcon San Francisco – San Francisco, CA


AI & Big Data Expo Global – London, United Kingdom


The AI ​​Summit New York – New York, NY The conclusion

AI events are a great way to network and build knowledge related to artificial intelligence. With such an exciting future and rapid development, new announcements and technologies will not slow down throughout 2023.

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