Supermicro Announces NVIDIA H100 GPU Systems – High-Performance Computing News Analysis

SAN JOSE, September 20, 2022 – Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), an enterprise computing, GPUs, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology company, announced 20 NVIDIA-certified system options featuring NVIDIA H100 PCI-E and NVIDIA H100 SXM GPUs, NVIDIA announced will be shipped next month.

Supermicro systems certified with NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPUs include NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a cloud-native, end-to-end suite of AI and data analytics software optimized to enable organizations to leverage AI. Supermicro systems with NVIDIA AI Enterprise combined with NVIDIA H100 GPUs simplify building AI-enabled platforms, accelerate AI development and deployment, and provide performance, security, and scalability to discover insights faster and deliver business value sooner achieve.

“Today Supermicro introduced GPU-based servers with the new NVIDIA H100,” he said Karl Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “Today, we continue to offer the broadest portfolio in the industry and can ship these systems in a range of sizes, including 8U, 5U, 4U, 2U and 1U options. We also offer the latest GPU in our SuperBlades, workstations and the general purpose GPU systems. Customers can expect up to a 30X performance increase for AI inference compared to previous GPU generation accelerators for specific AI applications. The innovative airflow designs of our GPU servers result in reduced fan speeds, lower power consumption, lower noise levels and a lower total cost of ownership.”

Supermicro will also certify select current generation systems with the NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Some of the currently available systems are the Supermicro SYS-420GP-TNR, SYS-420GP-TNR2 GPU servers and the Supermicro SYS-740GP-TNRT workstation. By certifying currently shipping workstations with NVIDIA H100 GPUs, customers can take advantage of the new GPU performance gains with existing CPU options. Additionally, next-generation Supermicro systems with integrated NVIDIA H100 GPUs have begun shipping under an Early Access program.

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“NVIDIA H100 delivers the next big leap in our accelerated computing platform,” said Kevin Connors, Vice President of NVIDIA Worldwide OEM Accounts. “Supermicro’s broad lineup of servers, powered by NVIDIA H100, can accelerate workloads at any scale and help organizations achieve faster time-to-market by delivering dramatic performance gains while lowering costs.”

Supermicro supports open standards and adheres to open performance specifications, allowing customers faster delivery and installation, resulting in a shorter time to productivity. Additionally, Supermicro servers like the 8U 8 GPU also support AC and DC power in standard and OCP DC rack configurations.