“Surf on It Like Green Goblins Glider” – The Nintendo Wii Balance Board as a plausible Fortnite Glider has taken the internet by storm

Fortnite is a game that thrives on collaboration. The battle royale has shown many interesting collaborations during its successful run and has more planned for the near future. This success has got many people thinking about possible collaborations that could have an immense impact on the Fortnite community.

The current trend among these is a hypothetical collaboration with gaming giant Nintendo and one of their interesting products. While there have been many Nintendo-related ideas from the Metaverse community, this one is quite unique.

A Nintendo Wii Balance Board as a Fortnite cosmetic


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A lot of ideas have been shared on the internet about what a collaboration with Nintendo x Fortnite can bring. This includes introducing Mario to the battle royale all the way to a Legend of Zelda skin collection.

But the idea that’s currently trending online is related to the Nintendo Wii Balance Board. This balance board was a unique addition brought by the gaming giants. The device is used for various training activities and even has its own Wii software.

The official YouTube Gaming Twitter account shared the plausible collaboration of bringing this 2007 product to Fortnite. The hilarious part was that their suggestion was to bring the board into play as a glider. While a Nintendo x Fortnite collaboration isn’t expected anytime soon as both seek to establish their dominance in the field, the concept seems intriguing.


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4 days ago

Yes, a Wii balance board in Fortnite would certainly be hilarious, especially as a glider. But if you think beyond that, a collaboration with Nintendo would be record-breaking. Fans who saw this crazy idea on Twitter thought it was pretty funny.

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Twitter users love the hilarious concept

The Metaverse fans found the board glider to be a unique and hilarious cosmetic in the game. Fortnite has brought some insane gliders in the past, but this one got the laughs of many.


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They did not hesitate to express their views on it. A few others were seen talking about how this collaboration would remain a dream. Mainly because Nintendo won’t be that keen on partnering with Fortnite.


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Fortnite is currently partnered with Attack on Titan, bringing Eren Yeager to the game’s cosmetic roster. More details on this amazing collaboration are likely to be revealed soon.

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