T-Mobile is charging $30 more for Apple iPhone 14 models

The Apple iPhone 14 in yellow. (Photo courtesy of Apple)

If you have T-Mobile and you want the latest iPhone, you have to be prepared to pay a little more than customers from other companies.

On Friday, T-Mobile quietly increased the price of the base-model iPhone 14 (128GB) to $830, or $30 more than what the phone currently costs on Apple’s website and through AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile is also charging a $30 premium for customers who want the larger-screen iPhone 14 Plus, with that phone costing $930 from the carrier, compared to the $900 that Apple, AT&T and require Verizon.

It wasn’t clear why T-Mobile increased the price of the phones, but the company is offering both phones free via 24 monthly bill credits when existing customers add a new line of service and trade in an eligible device (credits work on $830 for iPhone 14 base model and $930 for the iPhone 14 Plus model). New customers can also get an iPhone 14 at a deep discount when they sign up for Magenta Max ($85 per month) and trade in an eligible device.

The price hike also applies to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus devices purchased from T-Mobile’s retail stores, with staff being urged to change prices on the displays alongside both phone models, according to two retail workers behind the scenes spoke to The Desk weekend.

The older model iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini phones were also hit by the same $30 price increase, according to a review of T-Mobile’s website, with the base model iPhone 13 saving T-Mobile customers $730 in-store and online. The smaller iPhone 13 mini costs $630. For comparison, the iPhone 13 is $700 on Apple’s website, while the iPhone 13 mini is even $100 less.

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Oddly enough, the price increases don’t seem to apply to the iPhone 14 Pro models, which cost the same $1,000 (iPhone 14 Pro) and $1,100 (iPhone 14 Pro Max) that Apple and others are asking. The price of the budget line iPhone SE 3 hasn’t changed either, this device starts at $430 at T-Mobile.

The chart below shows the new pricing structure for the current and previous generation iPhone models sold at T-Mobile compared to their prices at Apple:

ModelSizeApple PriceT-Mobile PriceiPhone 13 mini128 GB$600$630iPhone 13128 GB$700$730iPhone 13256 GB$800$830iPhone 13512 GB$1000$1030iPhone 14128 GB$800$830iPhone 14256 GB$900$930iPhone 14512 GB$1100$1130iPhone 14 Plus128 GB$900$930iPhone 14 Plus256 GB $ 1000 $ 1030 i 14 Plus512 GB $ 1200 iphone 14 Pro128 GB $ 1000 iphone 14 Pro256 GB $ 1100 IPHON 14 PRO512 GB $ 1200 IPHON 14 Pro1 TB $ 1300IPHON 14 Pro Max128 $ 1100 iphone 14 PRO MAX22 1200 $ 1200 $ 1200 $ 1200 $ 1200 $ 1200. GB1300 $1300 $iPhone 14 Pro Max1 TB1400 $1400 $iPhone SE 364 GB430 $430 $iPhone SE 3128 GB480 $480 $

(Note: Prices are rounded to the nearest dollar and do not include activation fees and taxes.)