T-Mobile Targets Retail and Manufacturing Business with Advanced Industry Solutions

T-Mobile recently launched a range of turnkey 5G Advanced Industry Solutions that could be ideal for retail and manufacturing businesses.

T-Mobile targets the retail and manufacturing business with advanced industry solutions

The solutions include an end-to-end suite of connectivity, devices and applications designed to help businesses that previously had to source their technology choices from an endless array of often confusing options. The 5G Advanced Industry Solutions target specific sectors including retail, manufacturing, logistics and smart cities.

Advanced retail and manufacturing solutions

Retailers can use T-Mobile’s Advanced Industry Solutions to get the same useful data about customers in-store as they do online. This is achieved by collecting information such as foot traffic, dwell times and peak times. Businesses will also be able to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts such as window sales and in-store kiosk displays. Another industry-specific feature for retail is FastSensor’s retail analytics offering called Retail Lite.

Manufacturing companies can use the solutions to automate “clunky and outdated processes” as well as benefit from tracking heat map activities to help optimize plant layouts. There’s also augmented reality technology from Taqtile, who graduated from T-Mobile’s 5G Open Innovation Lab. Your AR can improve employee training and “empower deskless frontline workers” to complete complex tasks more efficiently and safely.

Billions of AI-powered devices are converging

Speaking on how the latest technological advances have made T-Mobile’s new offering possible, T-Mobile Business Group President Callie Field said, “We are on the precipice of billions of AI-powered devices, all efficiently over Connected to 5G are application processors, all converging to provide intelligent data-driven insights.

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“Technology is pushing the boundaries of most enterprise IT organizations. Because of this, we have worked closely with many of these organizations to develop specific solutions to their unique challenges. Our advanced industry solutions enable easier and simpler implementation – from vision to ROI – all supported by an ecosystem of world-class partners and America’s leading 5G network.”

A statement on T-Mobile’s website revealed some interesting manufacturing and retail statistics. It states: “Right now, companies of all sizes are looking for new technologies that will help them respond quickly to changing customer demands, economic uncertainty, tight margins, stretched supply chains and the proliferation of devices outside the enterprise. So it’s not surprising that manufacturing companies allocate 36% of their factory investments to “smart” manufacturing or that the smart retail market in North America is expected to grow from $7.5 billion in 2020 to $20.8 billion in 2025 will grow.”

The statement added, “T-Mobile has done the hard work of pre-selecting, certifying and combining all connectivity, computers, devices and applications into a single solution.”

Other advanced solutions will follow

While Advanced Industry Solutions currently only serves large early adopter categories such as retail, manufacturing, logistics and smart cities, T-Mobile promises other sectors will soon be served as well.

At launch, retail solutions will include mobile connectivity, private networks, edge computing, mobile devices, unified communications and security, as well as point-of-sale systems and inventory tracking with automated in-store health monitoring. Manufacturing solutions include driverless transport vehicles and autonomous mobile robots, as well as high-precision asset tracking and predictive equipment maintenance.

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