T-Mobile’s Explorer Prep Program supports a diverse range of young STEM talents

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2023 / T-Mobile

Meet a current intern at the T-Mobile Explorer Prep Program, which offers high school kids of all backgrounds the opportunity to quickly pursue a career in STEM and provides a path to higher education for those who otherwise feel financially unable to achieve. Developed in 2020, the Explorer Prep Program is designed to align with T-Mobile’s workforce goals for hiring diverse young career talent in the STEM field. The program helps build a pipeline of high-performing high school students with a focus on full-stack development, cybersecurity, and user experience design. These high school students participate in a certificate program with local community colleges to earn college credit and a certificate in a technology-related major. This is a non-traditional route for high school students to pursue their career dreams through certification rather than the traditional 4-year bachelor’s degree. Explorer Prep offers assignable work experience at T-Mobile over two summers of 8 weeks each. Upon completion of their certificate, students will have the opportunity to apply for a full-time employment development position at T-Mobile, where they will participate in the EICX program.

Daaniya Junejo says the program helped demystify some common technology skills and showed her what a career in STEM really looks like. Although she has always been interested in programming, Junejo said she was intimidated into applying to colleges because she feared she might not really grasp the skill and didn’t want to get into student loan debt while trying to fulfill her potential find out. The daughter of immigrant parents, Junejo, says she didn’t want to burden her family financially and was also concerned about being a woman of color in a tech field traditionally known for being unwelcome to women and minorities. She says that after starting the Explorer Prep program, she is now sure where in programming she wants to pursue her career. She hopes to continue at T-Mobile and take advantage of the student support offerings for full-time employees so she can continue her higher education.

Learn about the woman leading the way at Explorer Prep Program and helping inform its optimal inclusivity.

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