Taking notes made easy: The OnePlus Note app

Despite being a Chinese brand, OnePlus has a unique following among users, and they trust OnePlus. However, OnePlus also doesn’t disappoint users by offering top-notch unique advancements and improved features.

In this article, we will discuss the OnePlus Note app, which is not as simple as other note-taking apps; It has features like never before and is user-friendly. OnePlus has a unique quality of offering, a new feature that’s always new that no other company has introduced before. We can say that it is also a trendsetter. It has features like a to-do list, notebooks, different fonts, voice recognition, doodling and much more.

What are OnePlus Notes?

It’s basically an app where you can save the notes and many things that you need to do or want to remember or you want to save an important image of another file separately. So that you can access it directly, it is the best app.

Feature of OnePlus Note app:

There are two possibilities.


Plus Icon: This is for adding new notes to be added in the OnePlus Note App.

What is the plus symbol?

If you tap on the plus icon, you will see the option given below to create a new note.

Tick ​​icon – This is used to select items when you have created a list. Font Style Icon (Aa) – This allows you to change the font styles, e.g. B. Bold, Italic, Underline, Highlight, Align and more. Record icon: It is located third from the left, which is for recording; You can take notes and record. Camera icon: Use this to select the image you want to keep in Notes. Clicking it will take you to the gallery on your phone, or if you want to click then you can click the camera. Doodle: It is the most colorful and popular feature where you have different types of pens, pencils, eraser and huge color customization options so you can use any color. With it you can write, draw and much more.

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The next interesting thing is that on the right side, at the top of the screen, you will see two icons.

Share Icon: This lets you share your notes with anyone, but before you share, you’ll be asked if you want to share as text or as an image. After your choice, you can select and share via any app you want. Three vertical dots: Here you get different options. Go to Make private Pin set reminder Add to home screen. Clear voice input language

The best thing about the OnePlus Note is which note you take; You can also sync with cloud storage by enabling sync. It helps you access your notes when you upgrade your device to the next OnePlus device. Or you can also access it from anywhere by ID password.


This is available on the right side at the bottom of the screen. Once you click on the plus icon. With this you can complete the tasks.

Plus: this way you can add and save new to-dos, and when you’ve done them, you can mark them as done by clicking on the name of the to-dos you created. At the top of the screen on the right when you click on the three vertical dots. To create the note: Open the Notes app and click the plus icon. Write or attach the file or doodle the file using the various options described above. After creating the note, tap Back and the note you created will be saved automatically. To create tasks: Click on the tasks. Do the tasks and tap Back to save them automatically.

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