Techshow planners share productivity hacks for the 60 in 60 session.

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Techshow planners share productivity hacks for the 60 in 60 session.

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Techshow planners shared 60 of their favorite apps and gadgets in a Quickfire session on Friday that included some tried-and-true products as well as practical tips for workplace productivity.

Techshow co-chairs Jeannine Lambert and Gyi Tsakalakis were joined on stage by vice-chairs Sofia Stefanie Lingos, Cynthia Thomas and former chair Ivan Hemmans. During an event that traditionally wraps up the annual show, they went through tricks, tips and workhacks.

Jumping into a Zoom call is a reality for many attorneys today. Lambert, executive director of centers and programming at Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law, urged the audience to check out the Hand Mirror app, which offers one-click access to a webcam. She says she uses it to make sure she doesn’t look like she just rolled out of bed before joining a video conference.

“Please use the hand mirror or something similar before joining a Zoom meeting,” Lambert said, laughing. “When a meeting is coming up, I always do a preview beforehand.”

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Anyone who uses a laptop is probably used to the discomfort that comes with seeing dozens of tabs open. As a workaround, Lambert recommended the Toby browser extension to organize and access them quickly.

Tsakalakis, an attorney and founder of AttorneySync, had several recommendations for potential content creators, including Camo, a webcam app for the Mac, and OBS Studio, an open source platform for video recording and live streaming.

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“With an iPhone, a laptop, a camo app, and OBS Studio, you can create truly remarkable production-quality video and audio,” Tsakalakis said.

Jeannine Lambert (left to right), Gyi Tsakalakis, Ivan Hemmans, Cynthia Thomas and Sofia Stefanie Lingos presented 60 in 60 at the ABA Techshow 2023.

Hemmans, senior manager of technical development at O’Melveny & Myers, focused on an arsenal of simple tips and tricks for Windows and Mac users. But as an Airpods user, he had one gadget recommendation: a case to add an extra layer of protection for popular earbuds, like the lockable, shockproof Valkit case.

“Hopefully if you drop it it will prevent your earbuds from spilling all over the place,” Hemmans said. “I love this thing.”

Thomas, owner of law firm PLMC & Associates, gave credit to LinkedIn and urged the audience to use it more as a marketing tool. She also highlighted a feature called Back Tap on iPhone that allows users to take quick screenshots.

Lingos, the founding and managing director of Boston-based Trident Legal, also recommended several apps and gadgets, including the 360-degree video conferencing tool Meeting Owl. She also challenged the audience to check out a feature in the Notes app on iOS. Just click on the camera icon in Notes and you can scan documents.

“If you don’t want to download yet another app, it’s nice and easy,” she said.

Here’s the full slideshow of the 60 picks from this year’s show, which ends March 4th.