Telstra’s home internet is “more reliable than family” in a new post via The Monkeys.

Telstra has launched another new TV campaign, this time touting why its fast internet speeds at home are even more reliable than “your family”.

The new campaign, entitled “Telstra Home Internet. More reliable than family.” comes a month after the “Secured by Telstra” spot, the brand’s first major campaign since Brent Smart’s arrival as Chief Marketing Officer.

It focuses on a boy’s family who forget to pick him up from gym practice one school night, forcing him to walk home in the rain while the rest of the family are all busy streaming and internet content on their own devices.

Smart spoke to Mumbrella this week about continuing to invest in the brand during tough economic times, as evidenced by Tesltra’s marketing performance to date in 2023.


“What the big brands can do is they can maintain a premium position in the market even though we’re in a time where customers are incredibly value-conscious,” he said.

“I think what the big marketers are doing is thinking, ‘How can I position my brand so that I can continue to get a premium price even though we’re in a very competitive market?’ This is the challenge that I think is really interesting and certainly one that we at Telstra need to think about as we are the premium brand in the market.”

According to Smart, investing in brands has proven itself “time and time again” during recessionary or economically challenging times, when often the knee-jerk response is to cut budgets or be short-term and tactical with spending.

“But again, it has been shown that the brands that continue to invest in their brand are the ones that not only hold their positions well in tough times, but also grow much faster than their competitors when growth returns, who reduce their budget and don’t invest in the brand.”

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“I think now is the time to invest further in the brand and really think about whether we’re building a brand the right way, whether we can keep having a little bit of premium built in, rather than just lowering the prices and having a race She down with everyone else, which I find tempting, but I don’t think it’s the right strategic move right now.

“It’s a nice way of talking about reliability and something that most Australians should be familiar with,” added Mark Green, CEO of The Monkeys. “We’re not all perfect. We have moments where you might forget the time you have to pick up your son from soccer practice, fight traffic and everything else gets in the way of trying to get somewhere on time.”

Green said the work since Smart’s arrival has been “really fun” so far, with the security part, alongside some work done in collaboration with Kayo, each of which stands out and “hopefully does the job of getting the right results for the Telstra brand.” “. .

The campaign started on Sunday evening.

Watch Smart and Green on the Mumbrellacast this afternoon.


Customer: Telkom

Creative Agency: The Monkeys

Media agency: OMD