Tencent’s collaboration with Riot on development bodes well

Curious how Valorant Mobile will be when it releases? Don’t worry, the game appears to be in very experienced hands. According to the prominent Twitter leaker (ValorantMLeaks), the game is also being developed by Tencent Games.

Valorant Mobile is being developed by Tencent – what does that mean?

It doesn’t really mean anything to the player. Riot and Tencent are likely to work together to develop the mobile gaming title. Riot will release the game anyway. That’s not a big surprise.

Tencent is the parent company of Riot Games. It is also responsible for running its games like League of Legends in China. The two companies have a long relationship and it’s not surprising that they’re collaborating on Valorant Mobile.

This is because Tencent is one of the largest and most experienced mobile game developers in the world. They have also developed PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile and even Pokémon UNITE. Therefore, their experience and portfolio of successful AAA titles will reassure fans who have been waiting for Valorant Mobile.

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The mobile version of the popular tactical shooter is not a direct port of the game. Instead, Riot is developing a new game from the ground up for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, it will have much better optimization and compatibility for more devices.

There have been several leaks of Valorant Mobile’s gameplay, and the game looks really good. Despite being on the weaker mobile platform, the overall graphics quality hasn’t been sacrificed heavily.

Twitter | @ValorantMLeaks

When will the game be released?

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Riot announced Valorant Mobile back in June 2021 after months of speculation. Almost two years later, Riot still hasn’t confirmed when the game will be released. However, some very limited testing has been done.

Last month, Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon gave an update on the game’s development in an interview with POPline. She said the development of the game for mobile has been challenging and slower than expected. This is bad news for fans. However, it also suggests that Riot will not release a half-finished game with poor optimization.

Additionally, Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha said that he received the news “straight from Riot” that the game will not be released in 2023. Global Esports is one of the partner teams in the VCT Pacific.

Fans will likely see at least a beta version later this year.

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