Tesla highlights the benefits of its scheduled departures feature

Tesla doesn’t use traditional advertising, but the company does use marketing strategies. Below are videos highlighting some of the vehicles’ key features and functions. This includes otherwise minor features such as scheduled departure.

And recently, Tesla posted a new video on its official YouTube channel showing the benefits of its vehicles’ scheduled departure feature. This allows Teslas to have a set time when they are ready to drive.

This means that before the scheduled departure time, a Tesla would calculate when to start preconditioning its battery and how to optimize its charge. This ensures that the charging process is completed before the vehicle’s set departure time.

The function also preheats the interior, the steering wheels and the vehicle seats. This is very convenient and ensures that the driver and passengers feel as comfortable as possible as soon as they get into the car.

Tesla emphasized how easy it was to use the scheduled departure in its recently shared video. “Set your departure time in the Tesla app. With scheduled departures, your vehicle will be charged during off-peak hours, keeping your charge high and your electricity bill low. It also preheats your cabin, steering wheel and seats,” Tesla noted.

Comments on Tesla’s recently shared video suggest that the scheduled departure is a very welcome and appreciated feature, with some EV owners saying the feature is extremely useful in winter. “Waking up on a cold day and seeing all your neighbors pouring water and blowing up their fans while the Tesla is completely melted and warm before you even get up is literally a life-changing feature. Thank you Tesla,” wrote one EV owner.

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How to use scheduled departure according to Tesla official website.

“If Scheduled Departure is displayed, tap Schedule to set a daily time for Model 3 to be ready to drive. Enter a time, then touch Settings to enable one or both of the following departure features. When plugged in with off-peak charging enabled, the vehicle will draw current briefly (you may hear a click) to calculate the required charge start time.

“After setting your desired preferences, touch Set. The touchscreen displays your scheduled departure time.

“Preconditioning warms the battery for improved performance and ensures a comfortable cabin climate at the set departure time.”

Watch Tesla’s video about the scheduled departure feature below.

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