Texas’ “Attorney of the Year” 2023

Neda Garrett has been a full-time attorney since 2010, with a focus on family law arbitration. Garrett joined the Texas-based law firm of KoonsFuller, PC in 2011 and specializes as a litigator and negotiator in child custody cases, high-net-worth divorce cases, arbitration and a variety of other complex family law matters. With over a decade of legal experience, Garrett also serves as a shareholder in the firm, a role she assumed in 2018.

In addition to practicing family law, Garrett remains an active member of her local legal community and was recently elected the new President of the Collin County Bar Association. Garrett has been recognized in The Best Lawyers in America® category since 2017 and is currently being recognized as Dallas/Fort Worth Family Arbitration Attorney of the Year for 2023.

Commenting on her legal career and her award, Garrett said, “To be named ‘Attorney of the Year’ by Best Lawyers is a great honor as this award is based on peer ratings. One of my goals in this career is to maintain professional relationships and collegiality with my peers – peers, opposing counsel, co-counsel and the judiciary. As such, I have been honored to serve in multiple board positions in my legal community and to continue working relationships that contribute to my ability to work effectively with adversary counsel. I practice family law exclusively, and the most rewarding part of my practice is the privilege of helping families navigate difficult situations. As a family law attorney, I have the opportunity to help our clients achieve outcomes that improve their lives and the lives of their families. The work we do as family lawyers has a lasting impact on generations.”

As a family law attorney, Garrett regularly works with professionals outside of the legal field, such as social workers, therapists and financial professionals. “Family lawyers need to be aware of the client’s estate, which includes any business interests that the estate holds and the emotional dynamics of the family. I really enjoy collaborating and learning from other professionals as we work together towards our client’s goals.” .

“A great family law attorney has to be responsive, compassionate, knowledgeable and communicative. I have a reputation for being client oriented and having realistic expectations, but I try not to take unreasonable positions or allow my ego to drive a lawsuit. I believe that by maintaining good relationships with opposing counsel I can focus on getting the best outcome for my client without being distracted by personality conflicts with opposing counsel. I always remember that it is about the client and their well-being and not about me.”

Outside of her courtroom work, in 2022 Garrett was inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), a nonprofit organization composed of family lawyers dedicated to the ongoing education, networking, and training of those who practice in her practice. “This has been a goal of mine for years and I am honored to have my name included in a directory of some of the most renowned family law attorneys in the country. The AAML is a very exclusive organization that also needs endorsements from my colleagues like the judiciary, and the eligibility criteria are extremely strict.”