That’s the worst thing you can do to your iPhone or Android, and you’re still doing it

Simple, tight applications! Your natural inclination might be to close apps on your phone, even right after you’ve used them, thinking it will save your phone’s battery and resources.

However, this is the opposite and it is very noticeable on both an iPhone and Android. Besides, you don’t have to, and you’ll soon find out why. In any case, closing applications on any mobile phone can consume more battery and it is a habit that you should not do every day.

Mobile phones are already optimizing the consumption of apps

Android and iOS have long been able to manage apps in the background to save battery and resources. Mobile operating systems are designed to keep many apps in the background, and if your system needs more resources to use an active app, they will automatically close without you having to do anything.

For example, when you open an app that uses a lot of memory, Android will automatically close lower-priority processes to maintain a perfect balance so your phone’s performance doesn’t suffer.

And now comes the strangest of all, although easy to imagine. When you have apps running in the background, they start faster, giving the feeling that your phone is performing better while not consuming more battery when starting from scratch. On the other hand, opening an already closed app costs more than keeping it operational in your smartphone’s memory. Therefore, what you might have thought would help your phone work better and increase battery life, this action actually does the opposite.

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If the app isn’t working, freezes, or is causing problems on your phone, it’s obviously best to close it. But only in those cases where you do it to improve the operation or not affect the performance of your mobile. It might even make sense to close an app that you don’t use often or for a long time, especially if it’s using a lot of resources.

Another thing you can do is in applications that consume a lot of resources, such as B. Facebook to restrict the use of background data from the mobile settings. This is easily done in the application settings by unchecking the box in the Data Usage section.

Yes, we close apps from time to time. Nothing will happen, nor will our battery suffer much. The most serious problem occurs when we do it always and by default. Several times a day, every time we open an app or use a new service. This is usually not a good thing and as we have said before, it can become a serious bug that will affect your mobile phone and its battery faster than you think. It may even shorten its useful life. So be careful, don’t do it!