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Let’s move on to the five best apps of the week. I recommend installing these latest Android and iOS applications on iPhone or any smartphone that is completely closed. This week we’re recommending an alternative to Twitter, e.g. B. Artifacts etc.

The top 5 is not like the free applications that we offer you twice a week. Now we have created and tested the applications on our smartphones. We check if there are many in-app purchases or ads and if the applications respect your personal information more or less.

We try to find useful applications, be it to improve productivity, personalize your interface or improve your digital wellbeing. And our top 5 always includes a mobile game. Applications can be free or paid, with or without a subscription. But always see.

Mood Story (Android and iOS)

Our health is not just limited to the physical, but also to the emotional and mental aspects that need to be taken into account. Moods play an important role in navigating life every day and I found Moodistory extremely easy to use with a unique and beautiful design that is easy to use while protecting our privacy.

The idea of ​​writing a diary developed with Moodistory is very easy. It takes more than five seconds! You can no longer write a word, which is perfect for those who are struggling to express themselves. The integrated mood calendar helps you to easily find patterns in your mood. It allows you to track your emotional ups and downs.

Taking it a step further will allow you to track your mood swings and what triggers you may have for positive energy while raising awareness of the importance of mental health. At all other events, which are held in 10 categories, there are always a number of ways to describe your feelings!

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Price: Free / Ads: No / Agates in-app: Oui / Quantity: No reclaim required / Payment: No photo required.

The perfect app to keep track of your moods so you can prevent Hulk out triggers in the future.

Memex, Googles and iOS apps.

It’s easy to say that memes have become popular culture in the past. I don’t know why you’re seeing an email meme that you want to send your friends a killer sentence, but you don’t even want to change the text right away!

Memex is a play for children. All you have to do is enter the correct text and the video memo will capture the content you have written. You can share it with your friends and family through a range of messaging apps. This will surely help you become the lord of memes in your discussion groups.

Thanks to the many templates offered, it’s easy to choose the right meme for a given situation. You can view them across the different categories at any time and the interface allows for easy navigation. Be aware that sometimes there are delays. This app is completely free.

Price – Free / Ads – Neither / Agates in-app – Neither / Account – – spoiled / No Refunds – / Free / Ads – – – – – Not required.

/NextPit is a memix based app of your place.

Instant (Android)

While some of us struggle to think outside the box, here’s an app that makes the process a lot easier to watch. After Momentory, I felt better after I finished. Finally there is hope to express gratitude, keep worries away, and keep self-reflection right now.

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This animation and soothing background gently disappear as you type your thoughts, and you can add other emojis for a fun touch. Write down at least three things you’re grateful for each day or week to help lift your mood.

This manual journaling experience can solve all your paperless problems. If you do not have cloud storage, your entries will be saved on your device. Are you ready to take care of it? Set up a worry day to end your situation at a specific time.

Agates / Price: Free / Ads: None / In-App Funds: Yes / Refund: No Required.

Keep a journal with a goal in mind. /NextPit and Sleek!

Kiwi Music with Friends (Android &/or iOS)

You know you can enjoy music from any member of your social group, even if it’s not unanimous. Can you give it to them through the Kiwi app that lets you share your music on Spotify or with your friends?

A notification makes for an unforgettable surprise when a friend alerts you to share your latest songs. Keep up with the music you listen to and share your music ideas.

Try their songs and rate them with your tunes! In addition, all the songs shared by your friends will be displayed in a widget on your device.

Prix: Free/Education: No / Achats In-App: No / Account: No / Releases: No / No No / Achats In-App: No / Account: No – No / No / Opinion: No / No / Releases: No /…

Did you know that listening to music can be a social experience? / NextPit.

Doctor Who: Lost in Time (Android & iOS)

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dr Who fans will like Dr. Who: Definitely don’t find Lost in Time worthwhile. This game features characters from the famous TV show and challenges you to collect resources so you can improve the items you have in your own hands.

So here you play time travel. When you step back in time and revisit past stories, it’s hard to remember this game. If everything was in one game, what else would you like about this game? This is a nice walk on the trail of memories.

You want to get Kerblam boxes at the end of a task and then get some rewards. Stay ready to jump off the TARDIS at any time and travel straight to the next adventure!

Price: Free / Advertising: Yes / Achats In-App: Yes / Account: Not Required / Public Registration: No Oct.