The 5 biggest Apple products for 2023 – iPhone 15, Apple VR headset and more

Rumors of new Apple devices in 2023 tell us that some exciting products could be in the works. We’re not only expecting yearly updates – Apple may also be working on a category of hardware that we’ve never seen from the company before.

While the HomePod (Gen 2) and a yellow iPhone 14 have already shipped in 2023, more announcements are sure to come. The iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 are all but guaranteed for September, but we could also see an AirPods Max refresh, a collection of M3-powered Macs, and Apple’s first AR/VR headset.

It is possible that in 2023 we will also get more Apple devices than expected. For now, here are the upcoming products we’re keeping an eye on and the latest relevant rumors.

@tomsguide (opens in new tab) ♬ Original sound – CENKGO (opens in new tab) 1. iPhone 15

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The iPhone 15 could introduce big design changes and new features to Apple’s mobile experience. The most consequential rumor is positioning the iPhone to finally charge USB-C, although a return to curved edges and redesigned camera bumps could also result in a different-looking phone.

All iPhone 15 models are also advised to replace the notch with the dynamic island – a feature offered only for the iPhone 14 Pro phones.

Powered by the A17 Bionic, the iPhone 15 Pro series is said to up the ante with a 2,500-nit display and surpass the 2,000-nit brightness measured on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. A LiDAR sensor upgrade could be on the way for the iPhone 15 Pro, but the upgrades together may result in a price increase.

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In addition, a whole new breed of iPhone could be planned for 2023. We’ve heard rumors about the iPhone 15 Ultra, a premium replacement for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Inheriting the branding and premium materials of the Apple Watch Ultra, this ultra-branded iPhone could be Apple’s most interesting smartphone launch in years.

In any case, we could get a better sense of what to expect from the iPhone 15, which would be the best phone of 2023, when iOS 17 is unveiled at WWDC in June.

2. Apple AR/VR Headset

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The most exciting Apple device of 2023 could be Apple’s first foray into mixed reality hardware, which has been rumored for several years. At this point, reports are suggesting that the long-awaited launch of a product potentially called “Apple Reality Pro” will take place in the second half of this year.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said Apple may be able to demonstrate the headset at WWDC in June, although the actual launch may not come until September (or even later). When it arrives, we expect the Apple AR/VR headset will run both virtual and augmented reality applications, with a dozen cameras tracking both user movements and their surroundings.

The device is said to be powered by the Apple M2 chip with 16GB of RAM, with a Sony-made 4K display for each eye, making it one of the most powerful VR headsets to date.

Of course, those sweet specs come with a hefty price tag. Most rumors put the cost of Apple’s first AR headset at $2,000 to $3,000.

3. Apple Watch Series 9

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The Apple Watch Series 9 should be a great accessory for the iPhone 15. While we haven’t seen nearly as many Apple Watch rumors, we’re pretty confident that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be replaced. It might be an incremental upgrade, but there are some improvements in the works that will make the best smartwatch even better.

For one, the Apple Watch Series 9 could feature a new sensor related to either health or movement. The Apple Watch Series 8’s skin temperature reader is the latest sensor innovation, and while Apple hasn’t introduced a new sensor in consecutive years, a recent report says the company is taking efforts toward a non-invasive blood glucose reader in earnest.

We’re not expecting a second-gen Apple Watch Ultra this year, or a successor to the Apple Watch SE (2022). But we might get a better sense of what to expect from Apple’s wearable experience when watchOS 10 for Apple Watch is announced at WWDC.

4. M3 silicon for Mac

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What can you expect for Mac this year? Quite a lot considering that the M3 silicon chip could power a whole new collection of Apple computers starting in June. Since the M2 chip was introduced alongside the MacBook Air M2 in the summer of 2022, it’s possible that Apple’s next-gen chipset could arrive 12 months later.

There’s not much we can say about the M3 specs, other than expecting faster performance and higher power efficiency (possibly using a 3-nanometer process node from TSMC).

Perhaps it’s more interesting to speculate on which devices will get the M3 chip – the iMac 2023, a new iMac Pro, and a MacBook Air (15-inch) laptop are all reportedly in the works. Updated iPads in 2023 are also possible.

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It’s likely Apple will announce the M3 alongside hardware, and given what happened at WWDC 2022, it’s possible the big reveal will happen at WWDC 2023.

5. AirPods Max 2

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The AirPods Max, some of the best headphones you can buy, turned two years old in December 2022. So it’s reasonable to think that the AirPods Max 2 or the second-gen AirPods Max are on the horizon.

While we haven’t heard many AirPods Max 2 rumors, it seems fitting to update the headset soon given that some time has passed since the originals debuted. Also, Apple has launched a new AirPods product every year, with the AirPods Pro 2 launching in 2022. We hope the updated AirPods Max pair has a more protective case, longer battery life, and a lower price.

However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seems to think we’ll get the AirPods Max 2 in 2024 or possibly 2025, meaning the current earphones would be at least three years old when they’re replaced. If Apple releases a new AirPods product this year, we’d bet it would be the AirPods Max refresh.

Apple devices in 2023: Outlook

Only time will tell which of these rumored Apple devices are slated for release in 2023 and what exciting features they will include. The iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 launches may be more of a 08/15 date, but the anticipated debut of Apple’s VR headset could shake our expectations of the tech giant.

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