The Android 13 beta program continues with QPR3 Beta 1 rolling out now

What you need to knowGoogle has released the first Android 13 QPR3 beta build. The new beta includes a number of bug fixes and likely new features. Users who have not opted out of the Android 13 beta program will automatically receive this new build. You must opt ​​out of the beta program to receive the March 13, 2023 Android stable update. Do not install the new beta build if you want to opt out of the beta program and install the March 2023 stable update. Otherwise you will have to erase your phone.

Just days after Google pushed the stable QPR2 build to Pixel phones along with the March 2023 feature drop, the company has now released the first beta for QPR3.

As usual with new Beta builds, QPR3 Beta 1 (T3B1.230224.005) includes a number of bug fixes. Google’s release notes didn’t highlight any features, but the builds usually indicate upcoming features, and there will definitely be some. The build also includes the March 2023 update.

You can see the full list of bug fixes below:

Fixed an issue where the clock text on the lock screen was the wrong color. Fixed an issue where Bluetooth audio wasn’t working on some devices. Fixed an issue where the fingerprint icon that normally appears on the screen incorrectly changed to an exclamation point (!) to indicate the location of the fingerprint sensor. Fixed an issue where live wallpapers could not be selected or used. Fixed an issue where widgets, app icon positions, and other configurable options on the home screen were reset after installing an OTA update. Fixed an issue that caused a device to be deregistered from Face Unlock after installing an OTA update.

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Mishaal Rahman has already been poking around and found some new features in QPR3 Beta 1, such as the option to show new notifications only on the lock screen. This setting would remove existing notifications from the lock screen when the phone is unlocked.

However, Rahman notes that much of what is present in the build can also be seen in Android 14 Developer Preview 2.

A new option “Show only new notifications on lock screen” may appear under Settings > Notifications, but only if is set to “1” (which is not the case by default). This was first seen in Android 14 DP2. March 2023

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Users still enrolled in the Android 13 beta can check for the new QPR3 build by navigating to Settings > System > System update. Eligible devices are Pixel smartphones from Pixel 4a to Pixel 7 Pro.

Google is also reminding users via its Android Beta Reddit post that those who want to exit the beta program without wiping their phones can do so even if QPR3 is pushed to their devices. Just don’t install the new update, cancel the program and wait for the March 2023 stable update to appear on your phone.

In terms of timing, the QPR3 beta is expected to last until the start of the Android 14 beta, which is slated for some time in April, meaning this could be a relatively short beta period. Users can move directly from the QPR3 beta program to the Android 14 beta when it becomes available.

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